Wednesday, October 31, 2007

holloween speyshall

eto pang bago!

the princess moved in to a new place last sunday. i'm only renting a room here in the city. my room before was somewhere in the uptown area, now i'm in the talamban suburb. my new room is just enough for one but it's better than before. the place is quiet and clean but i think it's haunted. yeah, huanted...

oo 'teh may kung anong mga masamang elemento ang nakapaligid sa compound. heto pa, nakuha ng aking camera ang mga kahindik-hindik na mga nilalang. expand nyo na lang ang entry na ito kung kung gusto nyong makita...gudlak!!!


wag raw itapon ang babaeng basura!

hayan, masindak kayong lahat. punta daw kayong oblivion at mag pa hot iron kayo!


fairygodflower says: wag naman kayong ganyan. baka may ma hurt na feelings...

bitchywitch says: ay puksain... mahirap na kung dumami yan!

happy holloween to you all!!! mwahh!!!
-aries the warrior princess

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Monday, October 29, 2007

si blank at si dong

point blank. as in blank. wa kets mablog.... oh sya sya kwento ko nalang whatever kets makwento.


ay ala akong ma kwento. sensya na, di pa kets naka get over kay hady... nyahahaay. pero, at isang malaking pero, hindi si hady ang idol ko ngayon but si joanna dong from singapore idol 04. eto sya in her audition, ang ka isa-isang video sa youtube:

...and after a thousand ricky reyes and vicky belo sessions eto na sya ngayon:



fairygodflower says: ay ganda... ano kaya ang kwento ng buhay nya?

bitchywitch says: feeling ko bading yan. transformers ang drama! nyahaha...

my mother is funkier than me
-joanna dong

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

return of the comeback princess!

ahoy!!! i'm back... sorry ladies, my adjustment period with my new job took so long.

i've lost weight, which is not good for me. other than that, everything's fine. i'm thinking of making it big here. i'm now working at a call center, by the way. i'll be serving as a technical support for a line of printers from an american computer company. training period won't be done till late november. that means i'm still not taking calls. the call it "nesting period". my "nesting period" is currently spent with a class of all men.


me and my servants are trying to come up with something new. we've been thinking of having a troop of close friends contribute articles for the blog as guest bloggers. we're still trying to draw an agreement or guidelines for it. ok ba, mga ate?


dan and rye of the dan and rye show will be coming over in cebu tommorow. i'd like to call out all td&rs listeners from cebu to meet them at dinner tommorow night. we still have to decide for a venue. come out now and meet the fun duo of the dan and rye show!!!

weee exciting!!!

(see their podcast on the blogroll)

isa pang nagbabagang balita. namataan ng prinsesa ang isang lalaki na nagpabukas ng kanyang dibdib at inangkin niya bilang isang iniibig. eto sya:


fairygodflower says: aahh it's nice to be back...

bitchywitch says: yes we're back...with vengeance nyahahaaay!

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back
-Chinese Proverbs

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

the quest for the illusive TIN

...and now here i am working on my third job when this hideous complication blocked my peace of mind. i'm currently running problems with my BIR TIN(tax identification number).

you see, i registered last year in their online eTIN portal. that's when my problem started and i only realized it on my application for TIN update. now it's a huge headache.

i can't get into the details in here, but please if you guys know anyone who can help me please do leave a message at i'm only having problems with the paper forms they gave me. i can't understand a thing(form 2550Q and others) and the staff were so unfriendly when i asked for assistance.


fairygodflower says: if we could just turn back the time when you filled up that online forms last year...*sigh*

bitchywitch says: if there was just an easy way in processing tax forms that will eventually be invested in an anomalous projects...*sigh*

What is the difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector? The taxidermist takes only your skin.
-Mark Twain, Notebook, 1902

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