Thursday, November 29, 2007

a message to myself

...and now your trying to show me your sobbing face! do you everything will fall into place if you rain tears over them? your sitting alone inside your room thinking how difficult life has been. so weep then if you must but don't except the world to grieve with you.

if that numb mind of yours just had the presence to make a stand and pose a strong objection to whatever your mother forced you to do thousands of years ago, better things could have come and you would not be blaming the world of your misery. you knew right then and there that trekking the path that your mother is leading you would end up somewhere in the desert of unhappiness. yes, things have been hard. but why blame others!?

stop crying now and move your ass. inch by inch, you will crawl towards your pot of gold. let your mother see a concrete proof that you're decisions are much better. let the world see the princess spawn to be its queen. and to start, let us nurse the wounds of the past. look back and wipe your tears...

fairygodflower says: friends, the princess has been and will be ironing out some issues. her work has been fine but apparently it was not the job that she's want to sped for several years. her TIN issue is still not resolved and more bridges has to be crossed. we are afraid that it may affect the contents and theme of this blog so a blog leave is deemed necessary. we hope these things will be done before the holidays.

bitchywitch says: don't worry girls, naitago na namin ang lahat ng kutsilyo, blade, racumin, baygon, lubid at iba pa. baka may palya sa mga plano...chos! kaya natin toh!!!

Tears are the silent language of grief -Voltaire

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Monday, November 12, 2007

peckchurs: feline fags

the pictures i have now does not show any creative taste whatsoever. i am purposely posting these pics to show to everybody that cats are gay. they love to strike a pose, clean themselves by licking and they love to rub their bodies into anything warm. these pictures further proves my stand...

aren't they cute...and gay. well, that's why we do catwalk on the ramp...and here's another creature who may not be as cute as these kitties but still thinks he is a cat: (click below to expand link)


fairygodflower says: ay pwede tong pang cute overload...

bitchywitch says: aaay pusang naglalandi!!!

A cat is an example of sophistication minus civilization.
-Author Unknown

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

wala, nawawala at nagwawala

fairygodflower says: pansamantala po naming pinuputol ang inyong pagbabasa. newsflash po mga kapatid, nawawala at nagwawala po ang baklang prinsesa dito sa buong syudad.

kaya nananawagan lang po kami, balingkinitan po ang baklang ito at walang suot sa katawan. siya po ay kadalasang nagsasalita ng mag-isa na sinasabi ang "alms, alms, alms. spare a piece of bread, spare me your mercy". kung may nakita po kayong baklitang palaboy-laboy at nanghihingi ng limus, ipagbigay alam agad sa pinakamalapit na istasyon ng pulis o sa dswd.

nagpapa pansin lang po ang baklang ito dahil...


birthday niya sa sabado!!!

bitchywitch says: ayan... kawawa naman. sige kanatahan na lang natin ng hapi bertdi.

princess aries says: hoy! andito pa ako...alms, alms, alms....

and in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years
-Abraham Lincoln

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