Monday, November 10, 2008

first sms today

happy birth day my dear friend!! enjoy another year, new challenges, new opportunities and more blessings!live, love, laugh! take care! thanks for being you... mwah! ☺

salamat sa tanan. sa mga amigo ug amiga nga nagpakatawa ug nikatawa uban nako. thanks to all who made me laugh and laughed with me. aja!!!

fairygodflower says: medyo matumal nga ang negosyo ngayong taon. salamat sa mga friends na nandyan lang sa tabi-tabi, nakikinig at nakikiramay.

bitchywitchsays: dapat lang smile kahit stressed kasi dapat habang tumatanda lalong sumasaya. haha char!

A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.-Bernard Meltzer

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

the first mr. cebu

this is quite a looong overdue post. hehe

Beautiful men from around Cebu were gathered last October 10, 2008 at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. BCB Productions rounded up 16 Cebuano men to compete for the title of the very first Mr. Cebu.

The Night

The pageant started with a production number by the contestants. Swimwear followed with the men wearing surf shorts. A peculiar element for a beauty pageant was seen next as contestants did another dance number ("Closer" by Ne-yo) aside from the production. The formal attire featured designs by local Cebu designers and the top ten were then announced to proceed with the question and answer. The top ten were then cut to top 5 with a common question to answer;“If given the chance to be the first ever Mr Cebu, what would you do to have an impact on Cebu this year?”.The night closed with the Thai-born David Chai Tangalin.

Mr. Cebu fashion shows were also held even before the pageant night which made the event showcase not only the gentlemen of Cebu but also the skills of our designers, organizers and the raw creativity of Cebuanos. The event was hosted by Angel Aquino and Bb. Pilipinas World Anna Maris Igpit.


The Designs


The Winners

the top 5

from left to right, Mariano Dandie Dimataga 3rd Runner up, Hans Joakim Grogaard 1st runner up and David Chai Tangalin MR. CEBU 2008, Kurt Agbay 2nd runner up, and Marvin Campaner 4th runner up.


More Pictures

Marvin Campaner 4th runner up

Mariano Dandie Dimataga 3rd Runner up

Kurt Agbay 2nd runner up

Hans Joakim Grogaard 1st runner up

David Chai Tangalin MR. CEBU 2008

formal wear

"closer" dance number


...and some of the good looking men form the group:

from left to right: 12 Jazz Lazaga, 11 Hans Joakim K. Grogaard , 10 McBilly Wilford Sy , 9 Joseph Christian A. Hornido. Mcbilly Sy, a blogger, took the People's Choice Award which was selected through online voting.


pricess aries says: i was not able to be at the event but given the success of that night, i'm already excited for the next mr. cebu.

fairygodflower says: the screening was actually done months before the pageant and the organizers really did well. i wish it was televised.

bitchywitch says: tanong! why was the pageant done at a hotel? they could have it held at a bigger area, like CICC perhaps? maybe next year?

The day of the sun is like the day of a king. It is a promenade in the morning, a sitting on the throne at noon, a pageant in the evening.”-Wallace Stevens

Official Mr. Cebu Website
Wilford Mcbilly Sy's Blog
d e y v on flickr

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

this is how i spent the first weekend of october

home. it was all i can remember while indulging myself with our trip to cebu south. it was a nice and refreshing change of environment. away from work, traffic, and everything that made my back ache. it was not the glam ang classy trip to a beach or resort though. no visuals of other weekenders flaunting their oh-so fab garbs and gadgets that somehow i always envy. it was how i want it to be.. just to be away. another thing was that we saw only one group of koreans throughout the weekend trip! hehehe

ang saya. i had time to get lost in my own world. naks.

so, this is how i spent the weekend of october 4 2008 saturday to october 5 2008 sunday:

oct 4
*7:30 am cebu city
we started a bit late. about 2 hours away from the city is our first stop. matayupan falls at the municipality of barili.
*9:30 am mantayupan falls barili, cebu

we took our lunch at our first stop - the mantayupanl waterfalls. a lower waterfall drops at 70 feet while the first plunges 200 feet before dropping and spraying mist into the gound.

this body of water has been a source of dispute a f
ew years back among the municipal leaders, baranggay officals and the local farmers. they somehow cant come to a decision wether the waterfall should only serve as power source or as a tourist attraction or irrigation source. as of now mantayupan waterfalls is open for the public, supplies power for most of barili and cannals have been constructed for irrigation
sa harap lang ng mas mataas na waterfall ay mga roofed sheds that you can use. entrance fee is 10 php. there are no food stalls but they have grills where you can prepare your food.

*2:00 pm alegria, cebu
we went further down south later in the afternoon. i'd like to call this a courtesy stop. a municipal offical of alegria invited the organizer of this trip for a visit at a new mountain resort.

owned by a hongkong based british businessman, sun xi mountain resort sits on the high hills of alegria. a very peaceful retreat. the place was still constructing a few facilities on our visit but they already have a bar giving guests a warm welcome and they also have a mini-grocery. you can visit their site.

*5:00 pm moalboal, cebu
we'll be spending our night here. the aunt of one member of the group gave us accommodations for the night. much of the night was spent on videoke and a bath on a spring. the spring was quite strange. it was connected to a water source where the river and the sea meet. so the water was brackish and coooold!

i enjoyed the night that i forgot to take pics. tsk sayang.
*the whole morning of sunday moalboal, cebu
rain. heavy rain. we can't go out but the sound of rain was enough for me to drift into dreamland. ang ganda ganda ganda ng tulog ko.

oct 5
*afternoon of sunday basdako, moalboal, cebu
by this time i've lost the sense of time and forgot to take pics. ang tagal ko nang di nakakita ng probisya.

we stopped at one of the public beaches of moalboal. we had plans on diving into the open sea but was not able to. we could have played on the waters dividing cebu and negros island. naks.

*7:00 pm barili, cebu
we took off from the beach before dark and drove to our last stop - molave milk station.

only seen on the roadside is the food shop of the milk station but down the steep hillside is the farm a dairy farm supplies the raw ingredient. what's even better is the price. 10 php for one cone of smooth ice cream(which comes in chocolate and vanilla). i had 4 orders of smooth ice cream. hehehe.

hope i can do this again!


fairygodflower says: salamat kay elmer g. sa pag organize ng trip.

bitchywitch says: uulitin!

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.
-Saint Augustine

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Friday, October 3, 2008

madaliang chika

nakakahiya. nilangaw ang blog ahihihi...

churi churi... depressed lang. more than a month ang pagiging baklang emo ko. unfortunately or fortunately, nabalitaan ko ang isang aleng gumamit ng toilet bowl cleaner. hahahaha. ang galing nya. creative. dinamay pa pati anak. punyeta.

may mas mahina pa pala sa'kin.

anyway, i'll be going down south with a few friends this weekend and hope with a little r&r my engines can start. again.

enuf drama. kilala nyo na ba si yun? ahihihi cute nya. pramis.


fairygodflower says: i'm sure isang masahe lang yan from our machong masahista. solve na...

bitchywitch says: anong kadramahan itu?!?! at bakit di kami kasama sa r&r? anfayr!

If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide.
- Mahatma Gandhi

video credit: yunfengfu's youtube channel

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

dear tita charing, gusto kong gumanda

dear tita charing,

ako po ay naglakas-loob na sumulat sa inyo upang humingi payo.

nito pong nakaraang buwang ay nawalan na po ako ng gana sa lahat ng bagay. buti na lang po wala akong jowa, or else dry ang sex life namin. basta ang tamad ko na. ayoko nang bumangon, kumain at magtrabaho pero keri ko pa rin namang maligo. anyway, chikka ko lang yan para humaba ang kwento. eto talaga ang napakalaki kong suliranin (ang deep):

kahapon kasi nagpagupit ako sa suki kong parlor, ang jun esma salon for men and women (plugging). ang galing ng hair dressers at barbero nila. so ayun nga, sabi ka lang na pa trim akey kasi kelangan ang aura ko sa isang wedding chorvahan. habang ginugupitan ang hair ketch ng isang beckysaur (ang galing nya, in furness) may fone-in question sya. bet ko ba raw bumili ng keratin conditioner nila. manipis na daw ang crown ng lola nyo. upselling sya ha pero tama si tita beckysaur. and da trut harts. hay...

so ayun nga. napansin ko na rin yan mga ilang buwan na. dagdagan pa yan ng ma-grasa at mala-airport kong noo. eeew.

tita charing, ang bata ko pa para mawalan ng crowning glory. ayoko! ayoko! ayoko!! sana po ay mabigyan nyo po ako ng payo sa aking suliranin... at ano ba yung keratin conditioner? di ko kasi binili yung offer, baka may gayuma, chos.

princess aries

fairygodflower says: wala ka kasi jowa!

bitchywitch says: agree! wa nang "nagdidilig" ahahahahay charot!

You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from passing over your head, but you can prevent their making a nest in your hair
Chinese Proverbs

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Monday, June 9, 2008

ang munting pangarap ni nena

over the weekend naging big winner si ejay, sumalangit si daboy at may baklitang nawasak ang pangarap:

AN AMERICAN citizen has filed for the annulment of his marriage with his Filipino partner after finding out on their wedding night that his bride, in fact, was a man.

Gerald Brainard III, of Michigan, USA, met Lou Vincent Suarez on a dating website in April 2006. The two often spent hours talking on the phone and e-mailing each other. They also saw each other through a web camera.

Two months later, Brainard flew to the Philippines and tied the knot with Suarez. The marriage ceremonies were conducted on June 27, 2006 before the Cebu City Municipal Trial Court.

It was every online dater’s dream come true—until the wedding night.

That was when Suarez confessed that he was a man.

Suarez allegedly tried to explain himself to Brainard, saying he “feels like a woman inside” and that all his friends and relatives treated him as such.

In his court petition, Brainard said that he met the news with “shock and horror.”

He then filed for the nullification of their marriage, quoting Article 2 of the Family Code, which says that no marriage shall be valid unless all the essential requisites are met. One of the requisites is the “legal capacity of contracting parties who must be a male and a female.”

The Family Code renders the marriage void if one of the requisites is missing.

Marriages “contracted through mistake of one contracting party as to the identity of the other” are also considered void from the very beginning under Article 35 of the Family Code.

Brainard told Suarez he could not be married to a man and left the Philippines immediately. He filed his petition through his lawyer, Anna Bojos, yesterday.

-published on june 8, 2008 cebu sunday


fairygodflower says: lumagpas masyado ang pangarap nya. i do not want to laugh at her but what she did was deception... and a bit rude.

bitchywitch says: pagpasensyahan mo na yung bakla 'teh nakasinghot lang siguro ng rugby o kaya mighty bond...

Do not bite at the bait of pleasure, till you know there is no hook beneath it.
Thomas Jefferson

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

dahil walang magawa

matumal ang benta mga tita... hay sa mga panahong ganito, kelangan natin ng pampagana. go boys...

bitchywitch says: yo yo! check this out baby. you have the timing at coordination but i think you need to work on those bulges or the lack of it...

fairygodflower says: you boys are so nice and adorable. you guys are so unique...

princess aries says: haller!

The word aerobics comes from two Greek words: aero, meaning "ability to," and bics, meaning "withstand tremendous boredom
-Dave Barry

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Monday, May 19, 2008

linggo ng paglinis

diba nasabi ko na noon na lahat ng kasama ko sa apartment eh lahat lalaki? kung di mo alam, now you know. im sure may maitim kang iniisip. haller, wala akong plano. nevah!!!

anyway, one of the unappealing things you get from living with straight men is that it's impossible to have your apartment clean and in order. but i won't let that happen. i've already started cleaning a month ago and last sunday was the time for our kitchen sink and cabinets to be cleaned up. there were a lot plastic bags, rusted empty paint cans, tools, nails and a lot of trash.

all three drawers which were with the wooden cabinet under the sink were already rotting and moist plastics bags stored in it eras ago were making it worse. they were actually decomposing already. good thing there were extra wood so i threw out all the drawers and turned it into a divider. i sawed a plank and nailed it to where the top drawer was. more planks were used as flooring for the formerly second drawer but i left it open. then the lowest drawer was also closed but can still be used since the planks i used on the second drawer were not nailed in place. get the picture?

punyeta, naging carpentero ang prinsesa...

there were not just trash in there, it was more like a thriving habitat for at least two species of roaches, earthworms and a family of mice. i used up a pack of baygon spray refill killing the all the roaches and most of the insect pests. then i kept these for my housemates:(click link below)


these are the pups of mus musculus or house mouse. aren't they just cute when they're not spreading desease? ahehehe pity though since the boys hate them so i had to bury these little pups after they made them quiver and frown with disgust. yes dear. i buried them. alive.

fairygodflower: ay ganun?! with all due respect for the pups, tama lang na nilibing mo sila since you don't have the mamaries of a vermin to feed them...

bitchywitch says: hello sana pinakain mo sa kanila yun. ikaw lang kaya ang nag-revamp, renovate at nag-repair nung bahay...nyahaha.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.
- Walt Disney

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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

one year, isang taon, usa ka tuig!

hwaaaa!!!... nalagpasan ako!!!.... ay char lang...

actually more than one week ago dapat naka-post ang entry na to. kaya lumagpas nga.

it has been a year since i started blogging and sharing stories. exciting.
it has been a year since i started pouring out my sentiments over issues. rewarding.
it has been a year since i started knowing different people everywhere. amazing.
and it has been a year since i opened a new part of my gay life. fulfilling.

ang saya sa mundo ng blog.
sana isa akong prinsesang maganda.
sana kaya kong maging isang mandirigmang matapang.

salamat nga adunay lugar para sa akong mga paminsar.
salamat nga aduna pay mga tao nga nagpaminaw kanako.
daghang salamat sa kariyot nga kalingawan sa inyong mga istorya
ug daghan kaayong salamat sa usa ka tuig ug daghan pang mga tuig nga panag-uban.

gosh madrama na to. kelangan ng selebrasyon, kaya pinatawag ko pa ang performer galing thailand. go gurl... do your thing....

kung wa kayo naintindihan, ako rin hahaha. tawa na lang kayo...


fairygodflower says: salamat mga sisters, mothers, titas and mga lolas... ang ganda nating lahat.

bitchywitch says: naway magtagal pa kami sa mundong itey. fyi mga lola, kung wa nag exist ang blog nato, wa rin kami nag exist ever...

Laughter is an instant vacation.
-Milton Berle

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Friday, May 2, 2008

mga main event ng buhay at lipunan

masama sya magalit

ang pangyayaring ito ay nangyari noong ika-15 ng abril alas dos ng madaling araw.

galing ang lola nyo sa overtime at naglalakad na sa may waiting shed ng ayala cebu para maghintay ng taxi. while on the way at kumikembot, may umakbay na lalaki sabay tutok ng kanyang... kutsilyo. may isa pang kasama sya na hinipu-an ako. parang tunog rape. sana nga rape na lang yun. hold up ang trip ng mga kampon ng demonyong yun. may dialogue pa ang mga gago, "relax ka lang, direstso ug lakaw, masama akong magalit". ang pangit siguro nya. obvious tuloy na di bisaya ang ang mga ugok. leche nila. basta yun na at ayoko nang idetalye masyado. traumatic. tinangay ang cellphone at konting pera. konti lang, di naman kasi ma-anda ang lola nyo. nagka temporary insomnia(meron bang ganun?) ako after that. umaga na nang nakatulog.

pero dahlin, di yan ang main event. syempre spread the news ang bakla after. "buti hindi ka pinatay". "may pera ka pa ba?". "mag-ingat ka na ha". yan ang mga sympathetic na statements galing sa mga sympathetic na mga tao sa paligid. salamat talaga. pero ang di ko inasahan ay may magbigay nga statement na,"baka umiiwas ka lang sa obligasyon at ayaw mo na magbigay". hurt akez. hurt na hurt kasi galing ang statement na yan sa mother ko. ouchness...

nagpagod na nga sa OT ginagawan pa ng kwento...*sigh*


baby out

another buzz that has been running around the internet and street corners was the misbehavior of the medical staff of vicente sotto memorial medical center.

i need not rewrite whatever happened in that video. the supposed professional staff who were handling the patient were inhumane and ugly.

eh kasi bakla

another punch was recently done to the patient and the lgbt community and it was done by the church. they(the church) blamed the patient that resulted in him being placed in a very humiliating position instead of calling for medical practitioners to treat their patients with respect and justice for the patient.

i cannot help but notice that the church is tolerating and even promoting homophobia. i also cannot help but compare when someone spilled out the details of the zte scandal, they rained him with praises, prayers and masses but now when someone got publicly taunted and humiliated by the people whom he trusted his life with, the church did not only turned its back but also blamed the one who was abused. i am not saying that the zte scandal was irrelevant but we cannot just give a blind eye when someone gets stoned by people and the church, who happens to be the protectors of the weak, would also pick up a stone and play along. maybe their parents forgot to tell them that when you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all.

para tuloy syang nahold-up tapos sya pa ang sinisi ng kanyang nanay (ay bitter pa rin ang lola nyo...chos).

the names

as of the moment, investigations have produced several names of those who were in the OR in the time of operation. they were head surgeon Dr. Phillips Leo Arias; assistant surgeons Dr. Angelo Linawagan and Dr. Max Joseph Montecillo; nursing attendant Rosemarie Villareal; and circulating nurse Carmina Sapio. These were the staff who should have only been there conducting the operation, which means that investigators are expecting more names to come up as the probing continues.

although it may be not clear in the video that these key people participated in making fun of the victim, it is clear that they failed to follow protocol and preserve the dignity of the patient. the named personnel are still serving vsmmc but are transferred to wards and given limited access to hospital facilities. vsmmc is prepared to file administrative case and only that since they are not willing to let the named staff go stating the shortage of personnel as reason. the patient and his lawyer, however have told the media that they may also be filing criminal charges to responsible staff and could include the hospital if the hospital administrators refuse to cooperate.

these young medical practitioners may be able to help out more people through their craft but they crossed the line and crossed it way too far. someone has to pay. well we hope that justice be served and may the punishment fit the crime.

fairygodflower says: we love being a catholic and i believe in one God who is not prejudice and hateful...

bitchywitch says: ... and we wish the victim justice and proper recovery from the incident.

If homosexuality is a disease, let's all call in queer to work: "Hello. Can't work today, still queer"
-Robin Tyler

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Monday, April 28, 2008

views and news

(video overload)
ehem.. ehem... kakahiya naman to. miss ko na magblog *sniff*sniff*. kelangan lang talaga iwan muna ang blog *sigh*. ngayon, chichikka na ulit ako pero snack muna tayo.... ahihihi

cge go, chikka na tayo... (click link below to expand post)


ang paglalandi

nasabi ko na nuon na nag g4m na rin ang lola nyo. wa naman napala so far at parang nawawala na rin ang gana kong makisabay sa breeding season. syanga pala di ko pa rin ma gets ang official slogan ng g4m na "no gays, no effems". sarap nilang ipako sa krus at koronahan ng naglalakihang mga t-t-... char!

in furnez may kagalang-galang at katakam-takam din naman kaya sight seeing lang sa g4m ang ganap ng bakla kapag bored. ganun lang. ganun lang ako maglandi... ahihihi *blush*

syanga pala, may public service announcement din kami sa mga badettes sa mundo ng no-gays-no-effems na yan:

another one bites the dust, in heels and flared pants!

simula tayo kay ate jelly(di tunay na pangalan). siya ang pinsan at numero unong baklang reyna sa hometown ng prinsesa. at wag ka, may dalawang assistant din sya. pinsan nga kami. pero yung sa kanya trulalang mga baklita ang mga itey. kasama nya sa mga wedding rakets nya. vongga!

isa sa mga assistant nya ay si theodore(di rin tunay na pangalan). laking isla kaya morena si ineng. di masyadong nabiyayaan ng ma-andalush na family kaya kumakayud din ang byuti nya. masipag din naman si ineng, napakasipag that her natural beauty was gone and forgotten with a battered body and face left for her to live with...(ano daw?) char! anyway yun nga, di na masyadong kagandahan itong si theodore pero wag ka effort pa rin itong rumampa with spaghetti straps, flared pants and heeled sandals. syempre may muk-ap.

pero kelangang mag fly ni ate jelly somewhere na may greener pasture. sa afghanistan. naiwan ang mga badette na assistants. yung isa nag aral. pero si theodore, work pa rin. nag apply sa local department store namin. kahit may required uniform ang mga males, iniba ni bakla ang get-up nya. body fit na yung polo, naka heeled black shoes, muk-ap and op kors... flared pants. wagi!

nitong last holy week lang umuwi ang prinsesa sa hometown. nagpasukat na rin kami para sa wedding ni ate grace, sister ni ate jelly. kaya go kami sa botique ni tito romie (tito kong bakla, feeling ko lahat kami bakla! ahaha!). may pang end-op-da-world news pala itong si tito romie. kaya chikka nga si tito with other gays na andon sa vicinity (siguro relatives ko rin sila)... eto news nya; si theodore daw ikakasal!!! oo, eto pa... ikakasal sya sa isang gelay!!! di pa yan tapos bakla, meron pa... ung gelay, juntis!!!

"hooy kawawa naman ung girl!" chorus ng lahat ng bakla. kasama na ako.

ayokong mag conclude ng kung anong napasok sa ulo ni theodore o sa ulo ni gelay basta ang alam ko at alam ng lahat ng bakla, rumarampa pa rin si theodore.

maaring kawawa nga ung gelay in the end. o kaya si theodore. o kaya yung bata. pero who knows, magiging happy family din sila. yun lang ang news ko about the theodore wedding. di ko pa alam kung natuloy nga... so good luck na lang sayo bakla. kung saan ka masaya, hala cge go!

siguro nakita ng gelay ang commercial na to:

at before we go, snack uli tayo... echoz!


fairygodflower says: simula pa lang yan sa naipon naming storya. ang saya!

bitchywitch says: sana balik ulit kayo kahit antagal naming nag backstage...

A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows public opinion
-Chinese Proverbs

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Monday, February 4, 2008

ang tanong para sa isang milyon

in fairness, vongga-vonggahan ang effect ng last sinulog dito sa cebu. pinaka maraming revelers daw, so far.

di naman ako masyadong nagpagod kasi naka-station ang beauty kets sa bahay ng pinsan para makikain. kapal. pero strategic din naman kasi ung vahay nila. lapit lang sa parade route kaya no need makipagsiksikan kyeme sa daan. pero bet ko sanang makipag-"rubbing elbows" sa mga utaw. kasi naman every 2 meters may makakasalubong kang hunkiness of all kinds. taray, davah?

pero before nagrampahan ang beauty namin lumafang muna kami. kasama sa lafangan eh ung anak ng pinsan ketch. grade school pa sya at may above average na hilig sa pakikipag chikkahan. itatago nating sya sa pangalang nene, isang girl.

medyo nahuli kasi sa pagdating ang prinsesa sa crime scene (nag change costume pa kasi) kaya ako nalang mag-isa sa mesa. nagmukha akong patay-gutom. half way pa ako sa pag-nguya ng lechon de cebu (remember ko pa ang sarap hmmm yummee) nang mag apparisyon itong si nene na feeling ko may intensyong pigilan akong umabot sa aking dessert. feeling ko lang. q&a portion pala ang gustong mangyari nung bata kaya lang ang bigat nang binatong tanong. di kakayanin ang "high tide or low tide" sa tanong niya. tanong niya sakin:

"kuya, bakit ka ba gayyyy? hehehehe"

(expand post for more, click below)
prolonged yung "yyyy" at nakakatakot yung "hehehehe" niya. napa stop-look-and-listen tuloy ang bakla. pati mga pinsan kong walking distance lang sa pinangyarihan gulat din sa tanong. kaya lang dinaig ng gutom amg gulat ko. binigyan ko na lang sya ng serene laughter (naks) sabay sabi, "kain muna si kuya ha". "hehehehe", sagot nya na tunog horror pa rin.

baka na bored lang yung bata kaya napunta sakin ang undivided attention niya. gusto ko sanang sagutin siya nang "kasi, iha, nagkakagusto ako sa mga lalaki, yung yummy." kaya lang ayoko parang kulang kung ganun lang. takot din akong may masabing hindi dapat. baka magfollow up question ang bata na "ano ba yung tsupa, kuya?" baka itakwil ako ng mga auntie ko at isa pa kumakain ako 'nun, hello.

akala ko tapos na. na somehow natuwa lang sya sakin kaya may interbyu ang loka. mali ako. semi finals lang pala yun. pasok ako sa finals at ganun pa rin ang tanong niya pati tawa ganun rin. kakatakot. kaya naman with the gentlest voice nag statement ketch "kasi, nene, gusto ni kuya ng boys." di ko na tinaasan yung linya ko hoping na walang kasunod na tanong. buti nalang yung horror laughter lang ang sinagot niya. di na nagtanong si nene. kaya lang di lang si nene ang pamangkin ko at may marami pang bata ang magiging pamangkin ko. baka nga may bata na magiging anak ko, who knows. pero magiging ganun pa rin ung tanong. "kuya, bakit ka ba bakla?"

tama na ba yung sinagot ko? kayo, anong sagot niyo?


fairygodflower says: baka gutom din yung bata...

bitchywitch says: dapat denial queen ang drama. hindi ka bakla, isa kang tunay na babae!

It's a lot easier being black than gay. At least if you're black you don't have to tell your parents.
-Judy Carter

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Saturday, January 19, 2008

princess promotes: bisaya ispisyal

mukhang payong at hindi sunblock ang kelangang dalhin sa sinulog bukas. no show si haring araw ngayon at baka bukas may stage fright pa rin sya. kaya para naman masaya kayo pagkatapos nga festival, punta na sa pinakamalapit sa outlet ng...

bisaya ispisyal

bisaya ispisyal sells graphic tees with a big with enphasis on the "graphic" part. printed tshirts varries from souvenir and cute to naughty and wild. their designs can please or tease. here are sample prints:


this is right for me hehehe...

their ayala center cebu outlet:

the door of their fitting room:


masaya davah... they also have an outlet in sm city cebu.

fairygodflower says: aahh humor meets creativity. they really go together very well.

bitchywitch says: wala bang pang bading. yung "malaki ba ang nota moh?"...chos!

basta bisaya, bigaon. basta bisaya, lig-on. basta bisaya, emal. basta bisaya, ispisyal!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

celebrate with us!

the queen city of the south is ready and we are inviting you all to witness one of the grandest celebration for the holy child through prayer and dance. come and join the cebuanos for the:

"One Beat, One Dance, One Vision"

this week will be the start of activities for festival but the highlight will be in the 20th of january sunday. contingents of dancers will perform for the street dance together with a parade of floats, higantes and bands. all performers will present their final routine at the cebu sports complex(formerly abellana sports complex).

together with this events are sale on malls, concerts everywhere, bazaars and a lot of "viva, pit senior!!!"...

bitchywitch says: well then, now that the introduction is done let me write down some tips and precaution. based on the weather of the previous sinulog, there will both be a lot of sun. so bring water, put on some sun block, wear a hat or have an umbrella ready and have an extra shirt too. we also advice revelers to wear comfortable shoes since most main roads will be slosed starting saturday so there will be a lot of walking. pocket tissues will also be handy as there will be henna tattoos and face painting booths around.

fairygodflower says: of course there are also a lot of interesting things to look forward to. not only will you see cebuano contingents during the street parade, several cities and provinces from mindanao and the visayas will also perform for the holy child. drumbeats will be heard around the city and everyone is welcome to dance for the santo niño! plus, most malls will be on sale. if you have a hobby in photography, this is your chance to capture the colors of cebu and the rainbow of culture from central and southern philippines. if you're not excited yet, see these photos of last year's sinulog...

from 2rokbot2y on flickr

princess aries says: ...and remember girls, the sinulog is both a dance and a prayer for the holy child... so get yourself ready now for the sinulog 2008!

magsayaw, magsadya, mag-ambahan ug maghalad kita sa batang hesus! viva senior santo niño! viva! viva!!!

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