Wednesday, February 18, 2009


sa mga nag message sa chat box, salamat. kaya lang di pa rin kaya.

things are really bad now. a politician from our town wants me to work at our soon-to-open LTO office (and become his connection when he runs for mayor). i don't want to look at the face of corruption in one of the government office famous for it. i refused the offer. now, i'm looked down by my parents for the unpractical decision.

then our company announced to dissolve the cebu office. now i'm a bum. no call from any company hr yet.

haay... depressed. poor. tired. unwanted.

...but not sad. marunong pa rin naman akong kumembot, rumampa at magmaganda. char...

sya kantahan na lang muna...

(nagpahinga rin yung dalawang diwata...)

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