Sunday, July 29, 2007

pulong binisaya - buy me this, buy me that

a magical day to you all. finally, i've completed my entry. so welcome to another 'pulong binisaya' session from us. i hope you enjoyed the last 'pulong binisaya' post.

anyway, let's start. first i want to say thank you to those who dropped a few words. we will be using them on this entry. now fairygodflower will take you from here.


fairygodflower says: hi - hello ninyong tanan(to you all). from the comments of the last pulong binisaya entry kiks popped three words/phrases for us to translate. here they are with their translations:

(1-a) care or pakialam - given the meaning, the translation is labot. "i don't care" in bisaya would be: "wala ko'y labot".

(1-b) but if you want to express your care to another, you will use the word: "amping". so, in bisaya "take care of yourself" would be "ampingi imong kaugalingon" and if the person is dear to you, add "ha" at the end of the phrase. so if you whisper to someone "take care" say the words "pagamping ha".

(2) enraging or nakakapanggalaiti - makalagot or makasurok are the nearest equivalent words for this.

(3-a) i hate you - the root word would be the same as above. so you shout this translated phrase: "naglagot ko nimo!"

(3-b)mahulog ka sana sa kanal! - this one will be easy for the tagalog speakers since most of the words are the same in tagalog except 'sana'. just change 'sana' with 'unta'. so will say: "mahulog ka unta sa kanal!" or "mahulog unta ka sa kanal!". most of the time our words are cut short so you might hear us shout "mahug 'ta ka's kanal", but they all mean the same.

goodFUNK also asked how hope is said in bisaya. the word for that is paglaum[noun](pronounced pagla-um). other forms of the word (used as a verb in a sentence) are:

*i am hopeful for this- malaumon ko ani.

*you made me hope for nothing - imo akong gipalaum sa wala.

*we were hoping you could come - naglaum 'mi nga mu-anhi ka.

*here's a catch, if you want to say "i hope so" don't use any of the words above, instead you say: "maayo unta".

ayyyy ang dami ko pang gustong sabihin pero parang kakapusin tayo sa time and space. charing hehe. i'll have to stop here for now. reactions are always welcome for this entry but we're not at our end yet. bitchywitch has prepared a practical lesson for you guys... it's your turn girl...


bitchywitch says: oh thank you my friend. salamat ha!

alright, ladies. let's pretend you're in a bisaya-speaking region and you realized that you forgot to bring in a sanitary napkin. on top of that, you're expecting for 'it' to come tomorrow and every body's out so no one is near to help you. so you strut your butt to the nearest store then you find yourself talking to a salesclerk with incomprehensible english . what to do?

well let's play out a conversation which would likely come up and we will make the conversation a bit generic:
you: 'day, naa mo'y [name of product or brand]?
digest: 'day, do you have [product name]? 'day(or inday) if you're talking to a younger or a female of the same age. 'dong(or ondong) for younger male and bai for men of your age. 'nang(or manang) for older female. 'nong(or manong) for older male.
clerk: oo, naa. pila kabuok?(or pila?)
digest: yes, we have. how many? if the clerk says wala na(none), politely say salamat(thanks) and look for another store.
you: usa lang. tagpila ang usa?
digest: just one. how much is it for one? pila can be both used in aking both the price and quantity. add prefix tag- if asking for the price and add the word kabuok(pronounched kabu-ok) if your asking for the quantity
clerk: sinko pesos ang usa.
digest: five pesos for one. bisayan numbers are used in reference to the quantity but only until ten. spanish numbers are used to tell the price except for one peso which is referred only as piso. the bisayan number system are 1-usa, 2-duha, 3-tulo, 4-upat, 5-lima, 6-unom, 7-pito, 8-walo, 9-siyam, 10-napulo, then after ten you may use spanish numbers 11-onse, 12-dose...etc. of course, there are bisayan words for numbers after ten, that will probably on another entry.

you: bayad 'day(insert your smile here).
digest: here's my cash, 'day. i'm assuming you're on a sari-sari store/ mini store so it is proper to use cash as your bayad(payment)

then after this, you will exchange each others salamat(thanks)
whew. i hope, you learned a few words from this entry and i'm also hoping you could use some of it. well, my part ends here guys and remember "pagamping kanunay ha"(take care always).


princess aries says: wow this is a change. i'm now writing at the end of my entry hehe. there you go comrades. i would also like to thank those people who reads my entries and for the bisya bloggers(i know there are a lot of you), i would like to ask for inputs and corrections. it would be good if you do. i'm thinking of featuring bisrock on my next 'pulong binisaya entry'. ok ba mga bai?


"dili ko man ko man mahatag ang tanang bahandi ning kalibutan apan inday, dungga intawn ang alaot nga naulipon sa gugmang gi-atay."
-Gugmang Giatay(2003?) The Ambassadors

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

icon at war #8

notice that i took out the "queer" on my title. i think it's proper since most of these icons that formed me are not really queer.


i do not consider myself religious and i don't even know a lot of saints but there is one whom i look up to. she is...

santa maria

image: Mary, the Immaculate Conception (Principal Patroness of the Philippines)

hypocritical, you may say. posting such holy image into this blog with gay sexual content. well, rant all you can this is my blog anyway. taray hehe...

Birheng Maria or Virgin Mary carried in her womb our messiah, the son of god and a moslem prophet, jesus christ. she is a woman of faith and hope. her apparitions would always bring in converts and encourage more people to put an end to wars and sin, which is ironic to the theme of this blog. anyway, a lot of religious groups believe that she can intercede for us before our Lord. today, she is referred to as the mother of all nations.
Some Catholics in the late twentieth century urged Pope John Paul II to infallibly Co-Redemptrix, not meaning by this title that Mary herself redeems mankind, but that she cooperates with Jesus in His redemption of the world; as a co-pilot is not equal to the pilot of an airplane, so is the case with Jesus and His Mother as well as with any other Christian faithful who, by the Baptism, becomes member of the Mystical Body of Jesus and, as such, "co-redemptor". -
whatever they may call her, i only know her as my mother. i run to her on days when i need hope. i run to her on my days of jubilation. i run to her on my days of rest. it is in her that i can see a person who would not raise an eyebrow on how i'd strut myself. i haven't felt her disapprove of anyone that i'd want to befriend and i'd always feel her warm hands helping me up everytime i plant my face on the mud. the feeling of someone appreciating your every change and growth is always heavenly and i felt it from her. these little comforts are all i need to convince myself that i'm alive, not alone and somehow see her at the end of the tunnel when the time comes.

now let's praise her with a visayan song made just for her. should be sang after the holy rosary. this song makes me happy:

oh maria rayna sa pilipinas
panalipdi kami sa mga katalagman
agaka kami ngadto sa manluluwas

si kristo nga anak mo
ug ang among kagawasan

ug paminawa kining among pagpangaliyupo

nga gikan gayud sa kasing-kasing namo
agaka kami ngadto sa manluluwas
si kristo nga anak mo
ug ang among kagawasan
si kristo nga anak mo ug ang among kagawasan

little announcements
*the princess is not a member of any marian groups. just a fan
*pulong binisaya post will be ready in a few days


fairygodflower says: akala ko ba si xena ang hinahanap nating 'mother'?

bitchywitch says: ay loka, baka secret identity nya yan. parang sisigaw lang sya ng name tapos may transformication na mangyayari. davah...

If I were going to convert to any religion I would probably choose Catholicism because it at least has female saints and the Virgin Mary
Margaret Atwood

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Monday, July 23, 2007

teller to me gently

isa sa mga ginagawa ng prinsesa tuwing labanan ay ang pagdeposito ng malaking halaga sa banko pagkatapos ng away. prize kumbaga.

isa ito sa pinaka aabangan ni prinsesa at dahil ito sa isang lalaki. oo mga kafateed, lalaki! isa sa mga teller ng bangko ay isang ex-varsity ng kanyang unibersidad na nagkataong ka-dormmate ng hitad. kaya gora ang bakla sa banko sakay sa gintong karwahe na binabantayan ng tatlong daang mga sundalaong may abs.

pila na ang mga tao pero taas noo ang prinsesa sa paglakad diretso sa counter ng gwapong ex-varsity. dahil espesyal na kliyente ang malanding prinsesa, diretso na sya at inuna. habang nagbibilang si ex-varsity ay pasimple na pala syang kinunan ng picture ng potah.

wa na namalayan ng prinsesa na nasa likod na pala niya ang guardia civil ng bangko at nagdeklara ng away. sigaw nya...

ano yan? taga saang kompanya ka? accomplice ka ba haldaper?

at may naki-usyoso pa, pulis daw sya...

iho bakit ka may ganyan. baka nagmomonitor ka na ng mga gawain dito sa banko ha!

buti na lang kilala si prinsesa ni ex-varsity at napakalma pa si guardia civil at si usisero.

..leche!... oh hayan ang kuha (edited)...

ay update pala:

i called up teller ex-varsity at nag sorry. di naman daw naging event ang eksena ko kaya ok lang.

fairygodflower says: and the moral of the story is...

bitchywitch says: huwag makipaglandian sa gwapong teller at baka magselos ang panget na guard!

And I highly recommend for all the women in the world, even if they're 71, you can never take for granted that he loves you. It's always good to flirt with him. It's a great sport.
-Salma Hayek

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

boy's dormitory diaries

may pagkaboring na ang blog ng lola nyo. para na ring di gay blog itetch. kaya etoh...
warning: the following entry contains gay content. do not proceed if such theme offends you.


way back college(2 yrs ago) my mom, being really strict, placed me inside one of the campus residential halls(a.k.a. boys dorm). since this will be the first time that i'd be far away from home, she had to make sure i'm living around people with discipline...well that's what she thought.

since it was a boys dorm, there were a lot of...boys. i had one issue with that dorm though, not one of the seniors seemed gay-friendly. i was discrete(and still am) but out with my high school friends but this was college dorm and i'll be meeting another set of people and not one of them were gay. i didn't talk much, no one dared to ask and everybody else were busy eating all our books and notes. i have to get a decent set of grades, we all have to. three consecutive failures would mean getting kicked-out from the dormitory. i would not want that to happen, not because of the boys, but because our residence hall was inside our school campus, i can have extra sources of notes and tips,we have tutorials plus it was located on a hill, hidden away from the rest of the school in lush vegetation so we had cool nights(no need for electric fans).

apparently, like my high school friends, i just found out that they already know. i don't know how but i didn't feel any fear or anything that would make me run back to my father's testicles. i was just like everybody else, like one of the boys. they don't mind if i was eating outside with them, they don't mind that i was all.

one more weirdness these dormitory had was its connection with friday the thirteenth. when the 13th day of the month falls on friday seniors had to plan a party of acceptance for the newbies. this means alcohol till midnight and lot of drunk half naked boys. freshies are made to run inside the two-story hall in their undies while seniors throw water at them. it was actually fun not only to me but also to the girls on the next hall. beer and gin would follow after that...*sigh* memories.

but even of i had a generous supply of boys(a few of them really were price trophies), i had to keep them away from my line of sight. i was cramming on my majors and my relationship with my mom was getting worse but one boy gave me my first "oral recitation". he was a year ahead of me(taking up engineering), we are of the same build, lean and fair. he was straight, but a combination of cold nights, raging hormones and the two of us being alone in our room was enough for him to allow me in his bed... a few times a month for the whole year. it would start as a massage then i'd go down...down...and down...he was my first. it was good. well endowed. clean and smooth fair skin. really nice butt(hehe)...and he was a good man both in and out of bed.

we only had that for a year. the next year that followed was our last and projects filled our extra time including weekends. being an angel i am to my parents, i had to put all my efforts on my majors. i don't want to see them disappointed, especially my father. so it did not happen again.

the boys are now working in different locations at present, including that boy. but every 13th day of the month that would fall on friday, we'd greet(sms or email) each other..."happy friday the thirteenth!!!"

last news i heard was that our boy's residence hall is to be converted into an all-girls hall.


fairygodflower says: akala nyo malas ang friday the 13th? think again... and to those of you who knows about the dorm... sshhhhhhhh!

bitchywitchy says: at akala nyo inosente ang prinsesa? malandi pa yan sa pusang gala... at yong 'boy' na yon, dakota fanning mga kafateed!!!champion!!!

Yeah, I spent about 20 years in a dorm room. It took me a while to graduate.
-Douglas Wilson

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

pulong binisaya - the launching

my first bisaya post received the most comments among my blog entries so far. so thought it would be proper to launch a special name for it. gosh parang true. well here we go.

blogosphere, my royal court presents...

pulong binisaya(visayan word): a celebration of visayan language, culture and ethnicity

in these entries i and my servants will be posting translations of common words, presenting a little of visayan literature and who knows, we might also be featuring celebreties who are bisaya speakers. to start this battle, fairygodflower will lead the way...


oh hello there people of the world, mabuhay! or mabuhi! as we say it in bisaya. we will start from where we dropped our weapons last time. remember bitchywitch's little quiz? here are the answers:

(1)"taste me!" - tilawi ko
(2)"try me" - sulayi ko/suwayi ko
(3)"bitch"[not the female dog] - burikat
(4)"i like your pants" - ganahan ko sa imong pantalon
(5)"are you gay?" - bayot ka? / bayot ka ba? / bayot ka ba?
(6)"bisaya kong dako" - this phrase is the title of the last entry and it is already in bisaya. it literally translates into english as "im a big bisaya" but a proper translation would be "i'm a full blooded bisaya". i just placed it there because...well because...ummm...wala lang nyahahaha

the royal court would like to commend rye for translating one phrase, although you used bisaya gay swardspeak. but since i'm a good fairy, you have a point from us. and to harold, i think pupil is that part of the eye which we call kalimutaw. we would also like to thank empress maruja, dazedblu, q, schmuck and to anon(whoever you are) for the support. vonggah mong tanan!

also to pisanu, i assume you went to mindanao, right? most of them actually talk in mixed tagalog and bisaya. bisaya might be widely spoken but tagalog/filipino is understood by many. it is actually good that they taught you tagalog, so you can be understood around the country.

of course we should not forget mandaya moore-orlis who yelled it all out straight from the mountains. she translated it all correctly. actually we mentioned that the quiz is for non-visayan speakers, but i think no one might translate it and since i'm a really good fairy, mandaya shall be honored with a silky long black hair. yun lang! nyahahaha

observe my comrades the use of ko, kong, ka and imong(except for "bitch" hehe). all are derivatives of 'ako' and 'ikaw'.

  • ko or ako would mean me or i. example: 'i am aries' would be ako si aries(formal) or si aries ko(informal). another example: 'call me' would translate as tawagi(or tawaga) ko.
  • akong (short for ako nga)would mean i am ormy. example. 'my name is aries' would be aries akong pangalan(or ngalan) another example: nagbasa mo* sa akong blog is bisaya for 'you are reading my blog'. 'i'm walking drunk' would be naglakaw kong hubog.
  • ka is bisaya for 'you'. example: naa ka sa cebu is the bisaya for 'you are in cebu'.
  • imong(short for imo nga) would be 'your'(not you're). example: 'i enjoyed your blog' would translate as nalingaw ko sa imong blog.
  • *note that mo and ka both means 'you'. use ka when talking to an individual, use mo when referring to more than one person.

i hope we got it right. this is the fairygodflower for pulong binisaya...


thank you fairygodflower. there ladies, i hope you're enjoying this little battle that we've started. now for more duel, here's bitchywitch...


well, hello akong mga igsoon(my brothers / sisters). since it was us who gave you a few words to translate last time, we would like you to send(on comment 'ang nakibaka' section) english words for us to translate on the next pulong binisaya entry. mechanics are:

  • three english words plus three phrases/sentences per commenter/blogger.
  • profanities/dirty/green words are welcome but not encouraged

and a little disclaimer here, we are composing this article through our daily observations as we are native speakers of the visayan(cebuano) languange. kaya kung gusto niyong magcomment, magreact at maglandi samin, avah eh sige go lang ng go...basta libre hah???nyahaha


If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?

-Rabbi Hillel

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Monday, July 9, 2007

commercial reflection

i took a little time off my reports so i can refresh my brain. para rin sa inyo itong mga workaholic, stressed at malungkot ang buhay....*haaay

kung masyado ka nang puno sa trabaho...

wag pasobrahan at baka ma apektohan ang love life...

kaya mag exercise na!...

at huwag magpaloko sa stress

kaya iwanan ang stress, kumanta, sumayaw at magpaka vonggah!!!


fairygodflower says: ang cute ng last video...parang pusang naglalandi! hahaha

bitchywitch says: naks pare, seksi ng chicks sa last video pare! sarap pa nila, pare!.... charing!

a person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. it's jolted by every pebble on the road.
-Henry Ward Beecher

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

queer icon at war #7

the similarities of my early life and the life of this icon drove me to include her on my queer icon list. some of you may know her, but some of you may not. so let's know our queer icon this week...

alexandra "alex" mack

or alex mack of 'the secret world of alex mack' played by Larisa Oleynik which ran from 1994-1998.


The show focuses on a teenage girl, Alexandra "Alex" Mack, who becomes accidentally contaminated with an experimental chemical substance called GC-161. This results in certain powers, such as the ability to "zap" people and objects with an electrical charge, move objects by telekinesis, and change her shape into a silvery liquid. Throughout the series, the owners of the chemical plant which had been researching GC-161 continuously search for the local kid who was contaminated in order to conduct experiments, although their attempts are futile. Alex's best friend Ray, and eventually her sister, Annie, help her conceal the accident and her powers from her parents and others.

This is one of the few Nickelodeon shows to have something of a decisive conclusion. Nickelodeon rarely allows for series finales as they feel it makes it hard for them to rerun episodes indefinitely, and in any order they want, without confusing the viewer. As the storyline draws to a close, Alex's identity and powers are revealed to her enemies as well as her parents.
This prompts her father to offer her a cure; Alex reacts with mixed feelings, though she accepts the vial anyway. In the final scene, Annie indicates that she and everyone else believe Alex has already taken the cure, then walks away. The last shot shows Alex holding the full vial and smiling to herself, leaving it ambiguous as to whether or not she intended to take it.


as a kid until my teens, i would often see myself as alex mack who tries to conceal something from the rest of the world. everyday i would put all my efforts to blend in with the boys, do things expected from a young male and forced to be just... average.

but i've shed off the alex mack in me. what's wrong then if i wear clothes with elegance or love to crochet on my free time or hope to live with a man in the future? i'm still the same kid who climbed santol trees, ate wild berries and bathe in the rain... but a bit happier while blending in with everybody else, average or not.

*my brother and i got hooked up with this show. i think this was shown in philippines thru rpn.


fairygodflower says: ay ateh, meaning may hidden powers at talents ka pala?

bitchywitch says: ay mare di mo ba nakita?... nung college pa yan nagtransform sya into mariah carey tapos naging madonna! panalo ka 'nun 'teh... isa kang ngang transformer nyahaha!

it's that chemistry thing. it's so hard to explain. sometimes your heart tells you one thing, and your brain tells you something else, and it's usually better to trust your brain."
- Annie Mack, from episode"Chemistry"

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

i'm booked

i like being called a bookworm since i like books and i like "worms".

at dahil gusto ko talagang matawag na bookworm pinanindigan ko na. two days ago i made a pilgrimage to national bookstore and secure a copy of "the devil wears prada". but that was not the main event of the pilgrimage. around a month ago i made a promise to a scribe that i shall look for his first two prints of scrolls and a few years ago i've also decided to complete the holy books by another legendary scribe. as expected, the pilgrimage ended with success and here are the treasured literary works:

pugad baboy 5,7 and 8 by pol medina jr....i'd still be looking for other editions. ang daling maubusan.

kiko machine book 2 and book 1 by manix abrera...still waiting for the release of book 3

kiko machine is a comic srtip published from monday to saturday in philippine daily inquirer. the strip uses campus humor while presenting socio-economic and political issues. the author is also a member of a rock band under the same name.

to know more about pugad baboy, read here.


para sayo manix,

etoh na. tulad ng pinangako ko sayo sa friendster. binungkal ko ang lahat ng bookstore sa cebu para mahanap ang mga libro mo. ginawa ko yun dahil sinisinta kita. ikaw ang aking pag-asa at tinitingala. handa akong sungkitin ang pinakamataas na bunga ng santol at sumisid sa karagatan ng tawi-tawi para lang mabili ang mga aklat mo at mapakasalan mo na akohhh.... bibigyan kita ng maraming anak. pramis!

at para kay pol medina jr.,

ninong ka sa kasal namin ni manix ha!


fairygodflower says: hello manix, gawa ka naman ng fairy tale!

bitchywitch says: oo tama. tapos may dalawang prince charming na bakla, magfefencing sila, mapupunit ung suot nila at makikita ang kanilang mga pawisang katawan pero ang ending magki-kiss sila sa loob ng kastilyo, tapos...tapos...basta subukan mong idrawing at ipublish yan sa philippine daily inquirer! nyahaha

-an sfx in most of manix's strip

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Monday, July 2, 2007

queer icon at war #6

they are the english ladies you wish you were. they're great, they're hot and they're back! they are...

spice girls

victoria adams-beckham(posh spice), melanie brown(scary spice), melanie chisholm(sporty spice), geri halliwell(ginger spice) and emma bunton(baby spice) successfully brought "girl power" into pop culture through music. they were formed when i was just beginning to embrace my pink side and their songs were always on the list of tunes i play when i dance alone in my room and shaking my butt. taray davah! girl power kung girl power!

the spice girls(now most of the are spice mothers) will be reunited later this year and until early next year for a world tour. sana mawisikan tayo dito sa pinas...


fairygodflower says: at sana bitbitin din si beckham, davah?

bitchywitch says: cge mare. tawagan ko muna ang AFP para kidnapin si bekham after the show... hello, palparan?

ziggah zig ah!
-spice girls, wannabe 1996

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