Saturday, May 26, 2007

knight and shining armour #1

heto na mga bakla. ihanda ang mga laway at mag ipon na ng kilig. this week, my knight is actually a warrior in the world of anime and he is...

pasensya na mga kafatid, hanggang drawing lang ang fafa ko ngayon. my siblings and i were immediately hooked up with fushigi yuugi on its first run. for my brothers, it was the story but for me, it was tamahome. he's the typical tall-dark-handsome but a little rough on the edges and the kind of man who sticks to one woman.


Tamahome (鬼宿) is a character in the anime and manga series Fushigi Yūgi. First portrayed as greedy and only seems to want to help out when he is paid. Of course later on in the series it is revealed that he only acts greedy for a special cause. He later fell in love with Miaka after she confessed her love to him and was struck ill. He cares for all the Suzaku-seishi and is deeply wounded when some of them die. In the OVA Season 1 3rd episode, he is reborn in Miaka's world as Taka.

Real Name: Sō Kishuku ~ Xong Guǐ-xiù (琮 鬼宿) Everyone knows him as Tamahome.

AKA: Taka Sukunami (宿南 魏), Obake-chan (Little Ghost) Character: "Demon", located on his forehead

Constellation: Cancer

Date Of Birth: 28 June

Age: 17

Height: 1.80m (about 5 feet, 11 inches)

Bloodtype: O

Birthplace: Hakko Village, Juso prefecture in Konan Empire ~ Bai-Jiang Village, Shou-Shuang Prefecture, Hong-Nan

Weapons: Fists, street fighting, nunchaaku (when he sided with Seiryu)

Family: Father (Kyuen), mother (Yuugetsu - died when he was 12), 2 younger brothers(Chuei/Zhong-rong (12) and Shunkei/Chun-jing (7)), and 2 younger sisters (Gyokuran/Yu-lun (9) and Yuiren/Jie-lian (5))

Hobbies: Making money

Abilities: Martial arts in general, he has the ability to channel his ki into energy blast's and when emotionally motivated he can sometimes use his ki to increase his strength, speed and reflexes in combat

Personality: On the outside he is very chipper, and that leads to some comic expressions. But he is tough on the inside (so he thinks). On the other hand, he is very shy. (He had to become stoic for his family's sake.) That is why he was hard on Miaka at first. He sacrifices himself for the sake of others, and won't back down against an enemy. He is in love with Miaka. Voices: Hikaru Midorikawa (Japanese), David Hayter (English), Lloyd Navera (Tagalog).


fairygodflower says: short xa yung tipong lalakeng di pumapatol ng bakla! charing!

bitchywitch says: japanese ba xa? bka japanese din size ng kanya ha?

she who waits for her knight must remember - she will have to clean up after his horse

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queer icon at war #1

this week's queer icon is the ...

though the dance is not queer, i have marvelled its grace and history that i have no choice but to love it. sino ba namang hindi gustong sumayaw nang nakataas ang kilay, pumipitik ang mga daliri, may pamaypay, may muchachang nagpapayong sayo at may prinsipeng sumusonod at hawak-hawak ang kanyang "sandata".

taray divah!


Also known as the Princess Dance or the Royal Maranao Fan Dance, the dance is based on the Maguindanao and Maranao interpretation of the ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana: the Darangen. The Singkil narrates a scene in which Sita (Putri Gandingan) escapes her abductor, the demon king Ravana and is lost in the forests of Alangka, thereupon being found by her husband, Prince Rama. Interesting to note is that in the original Ramayana epic, Rama selects Hanuman, the Hindu monkey-god, to find Sita on his behalf; the fact that in the Singkil it is Rama (Rajah Bantugan) who finds her suggests a modification of the original Hindu narration in order to agree with monotheistic Islamic ideology.

Kasingkil refers to the art of moving one’s feet in and out of two clicking bamboo poles in imitation of Putri Gandingan who gracefully avoided the falling trees brought about by an earthquake. Performers would therefore gracefully step in and out of bamboo poles, arranged in crisscross fashion while manipulating either fans or simply their bare hands. Played at celebrations and festivals, traditionally the dance was performed by a girl of royal blood intend on advertising herself to would-be-suitors for her future marriage.

The dance is said to have been named after either the leg bracelets or anklets of silver, nickel or brass with chiming bells of the same name or the act of voluntarily or accidentally entangling on one’s feet in either vines or tall grass.


fairygodflower says: bagay na bagay, sayaw pang royalty evur.

bitchywitch says: fyi lang po mga kafatid, ang "sandata" na ginagamit sa singkil ay kris. meron syang curves. kayo, gusto nyo ba ng sandatang may kurbada?

Let us read and let us dance - two amusements that will never do any harm to the world.

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i'll be write back, pramis

the war camp has been very busy lately. we are having preparations for a battle which is expected to last for two months and every week we'll be facing different batch of adversaries. i am expected to be at the front line since i'm still a novice warrior so the preparations will be eating my extra time and cutting off my blogging hours. but i won't let that halt my attention to my blog. so to obliged me to have entries on my blog every week, i shall declare my oath and promise to write themed entries. my promise includes two themes:

[1] queer icon at war: these entries shall be about my influences. people, places, cultures, objects and everything that molded my queer self into who i am now.

[2] knight and shining armour: will be about men who forced the high school girl out of the queer me.

hope you'd enjoy these posts. now, i have to head back to my tent and braid my silk, long, black hair.

fairygodflower says: may the force be with you, your highness. charing paran yoda...

bitchywitch says: patayan to the highest level na itu!!!

We make war that we may live in peace.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

hard and...

strolling at bantayan, we saw this:

*just two corners away from our resort(kota beach).

now read:

cook [kuk] noun
a person who cooks, especially for a living
Swedish: kock

princess aries says: i think i want to meet their cook.

fairygodflower says: their signboard is familiar... hmmm... kelangan makausap ang cook na yan.

bitchywitch says: tara, balik tayo bantayan. daliiiiii ;p

I wanna go home. I miss my cook.
-Clara Bow(July 29, 1905 - September 27, 1965)

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burning the sun in bantayan

a small battle was waged by a band of warriors which included me. i will document our fight for the benefit of the future warriors who will take the same warpath as ours. the path was long and hard(kinky noh hehe) but in the end it was heaven(even kinkier wahaha). so let our battle be written:

"burning the sun in bantayan"

kota beach, santa fe, bantyan island, cebu

aries the warrior princessprincess
nina of disneyland
lady stephanie the belle of persia
lady val of tribu maradjao karadjao
first princess celeste of tribu waray
second princess cathy of tribu waray
first princess kaye of the seven sands of dubai
second princess kyla of the seven sands of dubai

call time:
0430 hours

cebu north bus terminal

I. advancing to the island

our troop just made it to the 5 am aircon bus. lady stephanie and lady val nearly missed the trip, they had to jump on a moving bus(parang action starlets ang dalawa). give or take three hours our bus dropped us at the hagnaya port. just a few minutes after that were on our way to bantayan island via fastcraft. it took us more than 30 minutes to have our feet on the sands of bantayan. good thing we have our free transfers.

II. setting camp

our room was one the last non-aircon room of the resort since they were all fully booked(summer kaya) but it was a good room(3 out of 5 ganda points) and at a good price. even better was their beach front. unspoiled white sand without the flocks of people and their bare skin plus a natural occurring sand bar.

*beach front at kota beach, santa fe, bantayan

*clear blue waters awaits

*the sand bar

III. hitting two missions with one blow

discussions at camp on how to accomplish two missions for the day began after we took our rests. mission one was island hopping and the second was snorkeling. strategy suggestions were:

-send an advance party to a nearby resort, haggle for the prices, and do it at three in the afternoon
-ask for arrangements from local residents and do it at three in the afternoon

by lunch, the troop decided on the second option. it was cheaper, it even included both island hopping and snorkeling and we were on our boat ride at two pm, on hour earlier than scheduled.

our boat landed on the white sands of the island which they call: "virgin island", since it was undeveloped. we swam, sun bathed, had our girl talk and marvel on the beauty of the island. after two hours on the beach, we set our sails for snorkeling. a sanctuary just nearby shall be our battle ground and it was a magical battle for us. my companions did not even noticed that i have a fear of deep water(well except for stephanie hehe). the battle went on most of us were awed but some of us were injured from jellyfish stings(talk about casualties of war) but we were actually rewarded by mother nature by letting us see a swordfish jumping out of the water(read: swordfish na feeling dolphin)

*white sand beach at virgin island, santa fe bantayan

IV. dim dinner

the afternoon battle was fun but our bodies were sore and most of us had to sleep until past eight pm. that was the time when we realized that our resort is having a brown out. thinking the whole island was out of power we decided to dine inside the camp. we placed our orders at 8:30 and had it delivered on our table after an hour. the power outage really slowed everything down and enchanted everyone to sleep. but did not want to cap the night off just like that. so armed with jose ceurvo, i called on princess nina and lady staphanie(who were the only ones awake), went to the beach and had a night of tequila, profoundness, laughter, beauty and friendship(ang taray).

then the next day we found out that it was only our resort and the next reasort that had no power(peste). the beach and back

my stomach nearly bled since i woke up late with only tequila on my stomach(thank you nina for the antacid). still, we spent the rest of the morning on the sand bar and more picture taking. but something unexpected silenced my noise. a group or alpha males were also enjoying the beach near us and one of then was...umm...(deep breathe)he was cute. then princess cathy turned to one of them and said..."amigo, pwede magpa picture?". i literally swam at the back of my companions and then giggled like torpe(*sigh the little girl in me). i was not even able to say my thanks after he took our picture. i really had to practice flirting even more.

several minutes after ten in the morning we washed off and pack. there was a lot more places to go, activities to do, food to eat(and guys to hit on hehe) but so little time and it was time to leave.

VI. status report

only "dining out at night" was considered a failed mission but all others were complete and successful, the cost and casualties were negligible, we had more fun than expected and all warriors went back safe and smiling at est. 1700 hours.

i, aries the warrior princess, swear to the most high that this document is true and authentic.

fairygodflower says: kelangan mabasa to ni ace durano. miss tourism ka na talagah

bitchywitch says: kelangan mabasa to ng cute na guy na pinakuha nyo ng pic!

It's the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.
-Marlene Dietrich(December 27, 1901 – May 6, 1992)

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

bili na kayo

*outside our house in bohol

*the ingredients. freshly picked.

really reminds me of my innocent childhood days when us cousins would gather up after the afternoon siesta or from a sweaty game of habulan for ice candies.*sigh*

fairygodflower says: wow. fresh talaga kung fresh.

bitchywitch says: pampadagdag tamod ba toh?!

ayo! palita ko ice candy, tita!
-angel kaye,5 (my niece)

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proud dirty fingers

i only had four names on my ballot. in exchange for writing those names, i had my fingernail blotched dirty with ink. eeeew...but these are the times when i feel both dirty and happy(kinky ei hehe)

*my name on the voter's list with my cousin's name next

*my proud dirty fingers

*on my assigned precinct, mam angie(in red, family friend) and a cute guy(also in red, forgot his name, i knew him way back hyskul)

election at our area was generally peaceful and all in order. PADAYON PILIPINO!!!

fairygodflower and bitchywitch says: kayo mga bakla, nakaboto ba kayo?

Sooner will a camel pass through a needle's eye than a great man be "discovered" by an election.
-Adolf Hitler

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portrait of a warrior as a gay criminal

since a mother knows best(daw). i can't help it but to have a hunch that i do(or might) look like a criminal fresh from the prison(see prev post). my reason for wearing this hair is the summer heat and i didn't really care how it would look on me(praktikal lang talagah evur). so i'd like to ask for your help and queer opinion if i really look like what my mama thinks i look like. (tongue twister noh?)

*a day after the haircut

*a day after the flying banana incident

leave ur opinion on the 'comment' section of this entry. salamat.

fairygodflower says: ang dakilang pamintang durog. bow.

bitchywitch says: baka akala mong sabihin naming kamukha mo si scofield. nagkakamali ka prinsesa. ambisyosa!

The color of somebody's skin or the way he wears his hair or clothes has nothing to do with anything.
-Judge Mills Bee Lane III

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maternal projectiles

a day before mother's day another object flew towards me from my mother's hands. sounds scary, doesn't it? the hands that nurtured you are the same hands that would crush your heart. i really don't want to have entries as personal as this but let me just rant this out for my sanity's sake.


objects can't fly on its own unless when they're from my angry mother's light hands. here, i'll list the things she had thrown at me since the start of this year:

-dipper and pail(tabo at balde) she didn't hit me though, but she threw these at my direction and broke the dipper(may galit talagah divah).

-2 pcs of banana and a tambis(aka bell fuit/water apple/
syzygium aqueum) these things cant really hurt anybody but the act of throwing without a good reason made me bleed. but the gay in me finds this incident funny. machomphu-pa is the thai name of tambis plus the flying bananas (ang bakla divah? hehe)

this year lang ito mga kafatid. wla pa dito ang mga pinalipad niya nung previous years(hair brush, ballpen, cellfone, libro at etc etc)


this summer i had my hair shaved (semikal lang actually kasi nga mainet). and so when i came back home for the elections my mom saw my new hair. to my shock, she was enraged by it. her claim was that i look like a criminal from prison and i was a fool to have my hair done that way. i explained my side citing the weather as my major reason and i even used words in english to stress my point. that was the time when the bananas went hurling. she said, being the mother i had no right to explain to her what is right for me because she knows best and she thinks i'm a gay fool. a few minutes after that, i broke down. i didn't saw that coming, not from my mother's mouth that is. good thing my father is always on my side. this was a day before mother's day.

rewind. the dipper and pail incident was when i wore a pink patrick starfish children's tshirt on holy week and i don't want to tell you the details. i can't even figure out why she did that.

more rewind. this was the conversation of my aunt and mother when i enrolled for my second year in college:

aunt: why do you have to travel with your son for enrollment? i think your son is already old enough and you would just stress yourself out. i don't even go with my children on their enrollment in college.

mama: i really don't trust him handling the money for the enrollment.

... and she said that in front of me. what the hell did i do to be stripped off of my mother's trust? ay ewan. she probably forgot about this conversation but it came to me like a bomb.


now i'm thinking. why my mother is so... ummm... not friendly to me. probably...

-i did not turn out to be the ideal son that she wants (a son who is straight so she can have grandchildren and an ofw so the son can send money)

-she is on a menopausal stage(she's on her 40's)

-i'm not her real son (i'm just adding this for theatric reasons hehe)


hmmm i think i've just written the reasons why i'm creating an illusion of the lady warrior seeking her mother on this blog. my love for her has probably faded but my respect is still there. belated happy mama's day mama!

fairygodflower says: tawagan na natin si tita charo.

bitchywitch says: mother knows best. eh pano kung ung "best" nya eh ung panahon pa ni manilyn reynes!?

hatred of the mother is familiar, but the mother's hatred still comes as a surprise.
Mason Cooley(1927 – July 25, 2002)

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

with great shame, i admit

i was raised up in an island settlement called bohol... at masaya dun. pramis. but there is one thing that held me back from appreciating my childhood. the elders who brought me up were very cautious, too cautious. the princess was never allowed to go out on any travel. the princess was never allowed to see this group of people. the princess was only allowed to do this and that. it was not a bad, though, but it was not also good.
that was the past. now i suffer the consequences and with great shame, i shout and admit...

di pa ako nakakita ng Tarsier!!!
di pa ako nakapuntang Chocolate Hills!!!
di ako marunong magsalita ng pa-Bakla!!!

fairygodflower says: wawa ka naman, prinsesa...

bitchywitch says: buti pa aketch, sight ko always mga tarsiers every night.

fairygodflower says: gaga, hindi kaya tarsier yon. nota yon, bakla!

The hardest part was admitting that I'd let myself go way farther than I wanted to.
-Willie Aames

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

the art of espionage

today you will witness the princess as she executes an act that might lead to her fatal end. the princess will attempt to gather data on a subject. in warfare, this is called espionage or spying. soldiers, observe!

subject: hunky daddy
terrain: tambuli beach front
time: 1500 hrs

*kunyari nagtatampisaw lng sa beach ang prinsesa

*ayan, sight na yung subject. lapit pa ng konteh

*careful, bka may mkahalata

*ay amputa, haggard ng fez. feel ko man mga hunky daddy pro di ko feel mga hipon na daddy! leche!!! yun na ang data!

fairygodflower says: ang landi mo kaseh...

bitchywitch says: next subject naman! (tumatalon while clapping hands)

princess aries says: heniwei, vacay na kayo dito sa Cebu mga bakla before the summer ends. the pics above were taken at tambuli beach resort. marami pang resort dito na pwedeng pagpilian kaya fly na!...miss tourism talagah ang drama ;p

The ant is knowing and wise, but he doesn't know enough to take a vacation.
Clarence Shepherd Day, Jr. (November 18, 1874December 28, 1935)

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

alliance of queer warriors

in a war, alliances play an important role in determining the chances of winning. more allies means a higher chance of dominating the war. the princess will now attempt to cross borders and gain alliance from a group named Alliance of Queer Warriors(read: Pinoy Gay Blogs) under their most elite warrior: Migs the Manila Gay Guy, a descendant from the tribes of Rajah Lakandula and Sulayman. yes, my dear soldiers your princess is queer. so now, with all of you as my witness, i shall shout and chant my pledge:

sa mga hurado at nanonood, magandang gabi sa inyong lahat...

i, aries the warrior princess with all my humility, pledge allegiance to the alliance of queer warriors. as a warrior princess, i will perform my duties to protect and carry out the idealism of the alliance, to respect my queer allies and to dedicate my life to world peace. may the spirits of the earth bless and protect us always.

i thank you, mabuhay...

fairygodflower says: ...and i shall pledge my blessing to the alliance. charing...

bitchywitch says: galing ng pinoy gay blogs. inuman na to mga pare!!!

Any alliance whose purpose is not the intention to wage war is senseless and useless.
-Adolf Hitler

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Thursday, May 3, 2007

fairygodflower hearts rocky

in my previous entries, it has been evident that one of my servants is falling for rocky collado of the bloomfields the musical warriors, while the other one is just lusting on him. in this entry i shall give space to one of my servant to yell her heart out.

fairygodflower says: magandang araw po sa inyong lahat at salamat your highness for the space.
to all the creatures, domestic and wild, i am the fairy of the earth and it is in my nature to admire music in any form that this magical world creates. a few days ago, i laid my eyes on the most impressive musical warriors since ever. to complicate things even more, one of them swept my fairy heart away. ..rocky sinasamba kitah, ang galing, galing, galing, galing moooooh... and so to you rocky i just want to say... pare, ang cute mo talaga, pakiss nman dyan!

bitchywitch says: ang landi mo day! bakla ka nga talagah...

princess aries says: pabayaan mo na yan iha. once in a blue moon lang ganyan yan.

photocredits: rocky's friendster page

Music is my first love.
-Mandy Moore

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defending our bf

a few high priests of our music temple raised their brows over the bloomfields' breed of music. they are often labeled as manggagaya, wannabe's and copycats of the beatles and the beach boys. wag kayong mag-alala boys, insicure lang sila ang cute kasi ng music nyo(ang cute rin ni rocky ;p)

well whatever they say, the BF have one less person to worry. the princess is now a fan. they are now my bf and they can call me their gf, if it pleases them. from now on i shall call them Bloomfields the Musical Warriors. as to the fans of The BF, let's see the powers of their music and performance. ladies and gentlemen, the grooviest combo in today's music scene... the bloomfields!!!

kung gusto nyo makita si rocky in his drumming frenzy na parang naka ecstacy(lol) in 5 minutes straight, watch nyo to.

bitchywitch says: galing naman. sana akong pinupokpok ni rocky. pokpokin mo akoh. ipokpok mo, ipokpok mo!!!

fairygodflower says: (stares at video and whispers...) *homaygad, hangkyut parinya...oh rocky*

Imitation, if it is not forgery, is a fine thing. It stems from a generous impulse, and a realistic sense of what can and cannot be done.
-James Fenton

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

bf ko, bf mo, bf nating lahat

pahinga muna sa english dahil super saya ko ngayon. nakita ko na ang bf ko!!! ahahaha masaya davah?! at ano pang mas masaya? lima sila wahahaaay masayang masaya ang prinsesa!

sheryowslee, kaka download ko lng ng ilang songs ng 'the bloomfields'(or "The BF"). feel ko kasisimula pa lng ng mga fafang ito at sana kumagat sa masa ung music nila. the beatles at apo hiking ung mga tinitira nila kaya vintage ang flavor at may costume pa! di lang yan mga dalaga, may sobrang cute sa members nila. si rocky collado on drums and vocals. haller, matutunaw ka sa dimples nya!!! oh eto sila. eto rin si rocky:

buy na tayo ng album nila. support tayo sa pinoy bands, pinoy music at pinoy men. charing!!!

bitchywitch says: hintay nlng tayo ng pirated copy ng album...

fairygodflower says: (staring at rocky's pictures with twinkling eyes and whispers...)*ang cute nya*


ah, music. a magic beyond all we do here!
-J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, 1997

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

a war cry for a play

my servants have informed me about a comic scroll. i got a copy of the comic scrolls and it was vonggah!!! the news of the scrolls were heard everywhere and thus the reign of the story of a super heroine Zsazsa Zaturnnah!!!(echo effects)...

patrons of the arts were thrilled to have the scrolls performed on stage and so they did. but a very sad news was delivered to me. they were only to play it in the capital city. the play is on its 5th run now, i've heard, but its purpose of entertainment didn't reach any settlements or villages near my war camp. very sad indeed.

and so i shall shout my fiercest war cry evahh: DALHIN NYO YAN DITO SA CEBU!!! AKALA NYO WALANG BAKLA DITO??? AKALA NYO LANG WALA, PERO MERON, MERON MERON!!!!!!!

fairygodflower says: relax lang your highness. ang wrinkles...

bitchywitch says: eh kung tayo nlng kaya ang gagawa ng play na yan. i'd really like to do queen femina's part. lang.
-Ada (Zsazsa Zaturnnah)

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