Tuesday, January 15, 2008

celebrate with us!

the queen city of the south is ready and we are inviting you all to witness one of the grandest celebration for the holy child through prayer and dance. come and join the cebuanos for the:

"One Beat, One Dance, One Vision"

this week will be the start of activities for festival but the highlight will be in the 20th of january sunday. contingents of dancers will perform for the street dance together with a parade of floats, higantes and bands. all performers will present their final routine at the cebu sports complex(formerly abellana sports complex).

together with this events are sale on malls, concerts everywhere, bazaars and a lot of "viva, pit senior!!!"...

bitchywitch says: well then, now that the introduction is done let me write down some tips and precaution. based on the weather of the previous sinulog, there will both be a lot of sun. so bring water, put on some sun block, wear a hat or have an umbrella ready and have an extra shirt too. we also advice revelers to wear comfortable shoes since most main roads will be slosed starting saturday so there will be a lot of walking. pocket tissues will also be handy as there will be henna tattoos and face painting booths around.

fairygodflower says: of course there are also a lot of interesting things to look forward to. not only will you see cebuano contingents during the street parade, several cities and provinces from mindanao and the visayas will also perform for the holy child. drumbeats will be heard around the city and everyone is welcome to dance for the santo niño! plus, most malls will be on sale. if you have a hobby in photography, this is your chance to capture the colors of cebu and the rainbow of culture from central and southern philippines. if you're not excited yet, see these photos of last year's sinulog...

from 2rokbot2y on flickr

princess aries says: ...and remember girls, the sinulog is both a dance and a prayer for the holy child... so get yourself ready now for the sinulog 2008!

magsayaw, magsadya, mag-ambahan ug maghalad kita sa batang hesus! viva senior santo niño! viva! viva!!!

6 ang nakibaka (comments):

chase / chubz said...

hoi! kumusta ka diha? dugay sad ka nawala dah. hehehehe

yay!! sinulog nasad.. ka lingaw oie

Anonymous said...

Pit Senyor!! Inday Aries!!

Anonymous said...

As usual, bungga as in bunggaloo talaga karirin ng Cebu ang Sinulog! Tyak na may aabangan na naman kets sa Aliwan Fiesta!

aries said...

chase ug daizuke, asa man mo pag sinulog oi???

tita maru, sana naka pasyal kau dito. gitgitan ang daanan pero mga gwapo naman ahahaha

Onotheo said...

I wish I'm there, how nostalgic. Now I hate life. I wanna go sinulog.

GogoPower said...

Kinsa nagtake aning photos Aries?

These are really professionally done photos! Kicks ass (then Jeffrey kicks Aries butt!)