Monday, May 19, 2008

linggo ng paglinis

diba nasabi ko na noon na lahat ng kasama ko sa apartment eh lahat lalaki? kung di mo alam, now you know. im sure may maitim kang iniisip. haller, wala akong plano. nevah!!!

anyway, one of the unappealing things you get from living with straight men is that it's impossible to have your apartment clean and in order. but i won't let that happen. i've already started cleaning a month ago and last sunday was the time for our kitchen sink and cabinets to be cleaned up. there were a lot plastic bags, rusted empty paint cans, tools, nails and a lot of trash.

all three drawers which were with the wooden cabinet under the sink were already rotting and moist plastics bags stored in it eras ago were making it worse. they were actually decomposing already. good thing there were extra wood so i threw out all the drawers and turned it into a divider. i sawed a plank and nailed it to where the top drawer was. more planks were used as flooring for the formerly second drawer but i left it open. then the lowest drawer was also closed but can still be used since the planks i used on the second drawer were not nailed in place. get the picture?

punyeta, naging carpentero ang prinsesa...

there were not just trash in there, it was more like a thriving habitat for at least two species of roaches, earthworms and a family of mice. i used up a pack of baygon spray refill killing the all the roaches and most of the insect pests. then i kept these for my housemates:(click link below)


these are the pups of mus musculus or house mouse. aren't they just cute when they're not spreading desease? ahehehe pity though since the boys hate them so i had to bury these little pups after they made them quiver and frown with disgust. yes dear. i buried them. alive.

fairygodflower: ay ganun?! with all due respect for the pups, tama lang na nilibing mo sila since you don't have the mamaries of a vermin to feed them...

bitchywitch says: hello sana pinakain mo sa kanila yun. ikaw lang kaya ang nag-revamp, renovate at nag-repair nung bahay...nyahaha.

If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.
- Walt Disney

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cant_u_read said...

kakaiba ka, aries! kakaiba in so many ways.. LOL!

fab job!

Eutikya said...

go aries! ipaglaban ang kalinisan ng kabahayan! hehe

Anonymous said...

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