Friday, July 24, 2009

pregnancy season


girl nephew
boy lacoste

girl nephew had just graduated this march together with my brother, born well privileged, only child and quite a well endowed lady. boy lacoste is a sales staff at a local cebu la coste outlet and fits the word "handsome". then boy lacoste gets girl nephew pregnant. boy lacoste is willing to tie the knot.

case 2

boy cousin

boy cousin is an only child, same age as my brother but still yet to finish(or has stopped) his veterinary school, well pampered by his parents yet has a thin frame. gerpren is from an island off the town and boy pretty cousin's girlfriend. cousin has already taken gerpren into their home, as in "in-house" na ang drama ng dalawa. then gerpren is now preggy with boy cousin's first child. aunt and uncle are now preparing their dowry.

case 3

girl cousin

girl cousin is a third year criminology at a local college, the youngest of 2 siblings and owns a meek personality. boy is a fourth year criminology student of the same college, rumoured to be cousin's bf. their fathers are both policemen, though my uncle is against the relationship. then girl cousin is suddenly 5 months pregnant, fathered by boy. uncle is not willing to surrender cousin to marriage.


these young people are all financially privileged and are from a complete "ideal" family. yet, they still had young and unprepared pregnancies.

hay. dahil ba kakatapos lang ng mahabang summer kaya naglabasan na to? o dahil ba year of the ox kaya uma-araro ang mga haliparot na to?... wala. chinika ko lang...


Somewhere on this globe, every ten seconds, there is a woman giving birth to a child. She must be found and stopped.
-Sam Levenson

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