Thursday, September 6, 2007

felicidad siete

this tag came from daizuke and i shall do it now!

the seven things that makes me happy and the seven ways to make me happy. let's start shall we...

siete cosas que me hacen feliz
lemon gras
s tea. one sip of this tea was all it took to make my taste buds go wild. unfortunately i never had the chance to taste it again. i assume it is only available in a high end thai restaurant(krua thai) here in my place. they do have pretty great dishes but too expensive for me.

a TIN #. that's "tax identification number" for those who don't know. i tried getting one before at the local
BIR(bureau of internal revenue) office. i went to bir office -a-, but the staff told me that i should file in their bir office -b-. so i went to bir office -b-, but they told me that i am in the wrong office and i should be at the bir office -c-. i never tried to go into any bir office after that. so if someone could give me one without the evil red tape, i could happily say that i am now officially a young professional filipino citizen who contributes to national development. at para sa mga taga bir: hoy kami pa nga ang magbabayad, kami pa ang pinapahirapan nyo. mga punyetang kurakot kayo!


the pugad baboy collection. probably the ultimate filipino pop literature in a form of a
comics strip. pol medina jr. started publishing his strip on philippine daily inquirer on 1988. now, he is on his nineteenth comic book compilation. i only have four books...*sigh* pictured are the characters of pb

flowers. simple and pretty things as
flowers would never fail to paint a smile on my face.

mojacko stuffed toy. he's a japanese cartoon character
who looks like a big ball of orange fur and let's just say there are things that i want when i was a child that i still want now hehehe. pictured is mojacko with sister mojari.

big mot
orbikes...and thats plural. this is slightly materialistic if not materialistic. i really like to feel the speed and adrenalin i get from riding a fast bike. i don't have any money to buy one now but i'd get rich (hehehe) i would really buy one. a blue one.


honda jazz. lat's be practical ladies. people would reall
y be more efficient if they have their own wheels. but we have to choose that car that fits our life style. i choose honda jazz and a blue one hehe. compact yet spacious and fuel-efficient. i just don't know if they can be converted into lpg-vehicle so they can even be more earth-friendly...noh?

i'm a little bored. let's take a break, shall we...

ahh refreshing. now let's do something heavy. for my next list, let's pretend that you (yes you) are my......boyfriend ahihihihi. ok?!

siete maneras de hacerme feliz

a decent phot
o shoot. no, it won't be for the blog nor for flicker neither for friendster. i know someday i'd meet my end and on that time, i don't want my remains to be covered with a thick layer of bad make-up, placed in a box and be displayed while slowly rotting. cremate my remains and display my photos instead. let the people see my youth, cheerfulness and strong personality. let not the people around me grieve of my death but let them celebrate the life i had and the life we had with the life we chose. something like that on the pic but with my face, of course

teach me a new language, think of it as a brain exercise. wouldn't it b
e nice to hear me in a different language when we....


enroll me in a dance class. let's make use of my talent. i don't want them to be trapped within the four corners of my room. i want to polish what i can do. i want people to see it and entertain them through it.

dance with me. just like what the song says: save "the last dance for me".
i shall save my last for you...

let's climb a mountain. i'm sure dancing would
prepare us for this so why not try something new. let's see the world in a different view, after all the world does see us differently. pictured: osmeƱa peak

take me to the beach. after all those physically challenging activities, our bodies are probably toned and athletic. so why not flaunt the beach. all we need is a place to stay, the people as our audience, the sun set,the sea, the sand, you and me.

come here and be my partner...forever. i here, you're there
and we still don't know each other. i want to see us together.

now, who to tag...hmmm. di ko pa alam kung sino i-tag ko hehehe. ikaw? gusto mo?

anyway, need another refreshment? here...


fairygodflower says: madam, medyo corny 'ata tayo ngayon, anoh?...

bitchywitch says: may tama ka kafateed, ipagdasal nlng natin na may mahuloh na lalake para sa kanya para matigil na ang ka kornihang itu!!!

Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. -Robert Heinlein

10 ang nakibaka (comments):

Anonymous said...

BWahehehe.... Same pala tayo Princess... Ako din naman ng wait pud kung kailan mahuhulog yung akin prince sharming wahaha... Mypa chase! Hala woi.. Cool yung pics mo Aries body mo ba yan? hehehe... Gusto ko rin sana ganyan pic kaso puro bones yung katawan ko LOL... :-)

Lingaw ko ha in fairness!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

I was likewise tagged by daizuke. Hindi ko pa lang matapos gawin. Hehehe. =)

Meron kayang Krua Thai sa Manila? Id like to have a sip of the lemon grass tea. I had my TIN# when I was still employed in a callcenter industry. Hate ko nun yan kasi ang laki lagi ng dine-deduct sa salary namin. =) I’d also love to buy a motorbike, para mabilis yung pagpasok sa hospital. The problem? Mukang hindi magandang tingnan na naka-scrubs tapos naka-bike. Hehehe.

On the other 7 things, perhaps I could teach you number 3, so we could do num 4. And num 5 na din, then relax tayo sa num 6, para sabay tayo sa num 1. =) Hehehe. Cheers!

aries said...

daizuke, cge dai let's wait. adto na dayon sa mandaue nga gay club...char

hi ruff, talaga?

chase / chubz said...

flowers? sige bigyan kita papa aries. hehehe
i also want those bikes.
but i prefer the sports motorcycle.
the rider is very cool.
pag ma rich nako. i will buy one.

as for cars. mas like ko ang mini cooper..
photoshot? hmm, didn't think about that ha. maybe i should get one also. i remember samantha in sex and the city. doing a nude photoshot. hehehe
but i guess you can't display that in your wake. hehehehe
as for me, magpa ganda muna ako ng katawan before magpa photoshot. heheheh

gusto ko rin magsayaw ng hiphop dance routine. i dunno. parang maganda. and i know im good. hehehe

the 6th and the 7th is the most important sa akin. and preferably combined.

Anonymous said...

Gay club?! Naks na hala cge gow!

aries said...

hi chase, i can bare my skin just for this. i can even go drag. i won't care if they'd put it up on my wake. i'm dead anyway.

cge, daizuke. u lead the way ha...hehe

chase / chubz said...

wow, very brave ahh. hehehe.

Anonymous said...

WAaaaaa... Speechless!

Anonymous said...

Wow, friend din pala kayo ni Daizuke. Kami rin, we are friends in person.

Anonymous said...

Isasali ko rin ang blog mo sa listahan ng blog ko para mas chika! Infairness ha, ang churay ng title ng blog mo, I like it!