Saturday, September 1, 2007

blame it on rpg

bitchywitch says: wala ang prinsesa, kaya ibuking muna natin nyahahaha

lately, the princess has been lazy updating her dearly beloved blog. it started when she had a sore throat but didn't call in sick at work. instead, she took two doses of her medication and spent most of the time playing at work. and this is when her past addiction came back...

more than two years ago the was an avid player of an MMORPG(massively multiplayer online role playing game). it was part of her previous job to learn and play these games. of the many mmorpg's she tested, one caught her beautiful big brown eyes: FlyFF (fly for fun).

flyff is unique to most mmorpg since at a certain level your character will acquire the ability to fly. the same with any other online games, you can also chat with fellow gamers while on the game. these are princess aries' current characters in bubble server:

zuco: is still a level one vagrant. he was a failed experiment and probably will never be used by the princess again.

jangheok: was her first "official" character. jangheok is now a level 30 magician. the princess was fond of her but she was abandoned along with the game by the princess. at that time the princess realized that her gaming hobby is slowly turning into a money-eating addiction. but lately and currently, the princess had some time to spare so she decided to make a come-back in the online gaming realm the the creation of....

instantcoffee: he is now at level 14 but still a vagrant. anytime now he can take on his second job which probably is still a magician. the princess was able to level him up from level 1 to level 9 in just one afternoon. below is instantcoffee in full battle gear. take note ang cat-ears and mask, kahit online character ang bakla pa rin nyahaha!!...

another interesting (if not funny) character in the game is one of their monsters. it bears the name "pukepuke". below is instantcoffee hitting a pukepuke. meaning, makalaban mo talaga dito ang isang literal na puke! nyahaha!!


fairygodflower says: totoo po yan mga kafateed. naging adik po ang prinsesa dito...sana wag na ma-ulit...

Feeding our addiction to fossil fuels is how we got in this mess in the first place.
-Lois Capps

7 ang nakibaka (comments):

cant_u_read said...

friend, walang kinalaman to sa post mo ha? pero pano ba ginagawa yung "continue reading" kemelar?

meganhahaha said...

^ ako rin, gusto kong malaman! hehehe...

hindi ako super fan ng RPG e pero mukhang interesante tong larong to... lalo na yung pukepuke.


Anonymous said...

Princess gamer sad diay ka? Oi pahulma kog installer sa flyff sa beh..

Lyka Bergen said...

Buti na lang di ako naadik dyan... tama na sa kin ang Tetris... Aaaay! Buking ang age! tse!

Bryan Anthony the First said...

ano naman ang kinalaman ng sore throat sa pag bo-blog aber?


ate, thnx sa vote

chase / chubz said...

ahhh ganun pala. you wer playing online games..

my dvd marathon lead to laziness in updating my blog. hehehheh

aries said...

'teh rye, i'm still figuring out how. di kasi maganda pagka code ko. i'll send u a better sequence if makuha ko na.

hi megan, cge go lang ng wag mag pa sobra.

daizuke, sauna ra, pero hinay na karon. check flyff's site. kalimot sad ko hehe search lang sa google.

tita liya, yun tong parang brick game davah? ahihi

hello bryan, hoy bakla winner ka fala. kongratis! mwah

chase, maka tapol diay ning adik ta hahaha