Thursday, October 23, 2008

the first mr. cebu

this is quite a looong overdue post. hehe

Beautiful men from around Cebu were gathered last October 10, 2008 at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino. BCB Productions rounded up 16 Cebuano men to compete for the title of the very first Mr. Cebu.

The Night

The pageant started with a production number by the contestants. Swimwear followed with the men wearing surf shorts. A peculiar element for a beauty pageant was seen next as contestants did another dance number ("Closer" by Ne-yo) aside from the production. The formal attire featured designs by local Cebu designers and the top ten were then announced to proceed with the question and answer. The top ten were then cut to top 5 with a common question to answer;“If given the chance to be the first ever Mr Cebu, what would you do to have an impact on Cebu this year?”.The night closed with the Thai-born David Chai Tangalin.

Mr. Cebu fashion shows were also held even before the pageant night which made the event showcase not only the gentlemen of Cebu but also the skills of our designers, organizers and the raw creativity of Cebuanos. The event was hosted by Angel Aquino and Bb. Pilipinas World Anna Maris Igpit.


The Designs


The Winners

the top 5

from left to right, Mariano Dandie Dimataga 3rd Runner up, Hans Joakim Grogaard 1st runner up and David Chai Tangalin MR. CEBU 2008, Kurt Agbay 2nd runner up, and Marvin Campaner 4th runner up.


More Pictures

Marvin Campaner 4th runner up

Mariano Dandie Dimataga 3rd Runner up

Kurt Agbay 2nd runner up

Hans Joakim Grogaard 1st runner up

David Chai Tangalin MR. CEBU 2008

formal wear

"closer" dance number


...and some of the good looking men form the group:

from left to right: 12 Jazz Lazaga, 11 Hans Joakim K. Grogaard , 10 McBilly Wilford Sy , 9 Joseph Christian A. Hornido. Mcbilly Sy, a blogger, took the People's Choice Award which was selected through online voting.


pricess aries says: i was not able to be at the event but given the success of that night, i'm already excited for the next mr. cebu.

fairygodflower says: the screening was actually done months before the pageant and the organizers really did well. i wish it was televised.

bitchywitch says: tanong! why was the pageant done at a hotel? they could have it held at a bigger area, like CICC perhaps? maybe next year?

The day of the sun is like the day of a king. It is a promenade in the morning, a sitting on the throne at noon, a pageant in the evening.”-Wallace Stevens

Official Mr. Cebu Website
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