Tuesday, October 14, 2008

this is how i spent the first weekend of october

home. it was all i can remember while indulging myself with our trip to cebu south. it was a nice and refreshing change of environment. away from work, traffic, and everything that made my back ache. it was not the glam ang classy trip to a beach or resort though. no visuals of other weekenders flaunting their oh-so fab garbs and gadgets that somehow i always envy. it was how i want it to be.. just to be away. another thing was that we saw only one group of koreans throughout the weekend trip! hehehe

ang saya. i had time to get lost in my own world. naks.

so, this is how i spent the weekend of october 4 2008 saturday to october 5 2008 sunday:

oct 4
*7:30 am cebu city
we started a bit late. about 2 hours away from the city is our first stop. matayupan falls at the municipality of barili.
*9:30 am mantayupan falls barili, cebu

we took our lunch at our first stop - the mantayupanl waterfalls. a lower waterfall drops at 70 feet while the first plunges 200 feet before dropping and spraying mist into the gound.

this body of water has been a source of dispute a f
ew years back among the municipal leaders, baranggay officals and the local farmers. they somehow cant come to a decision wether the waterfall should only serve as power source or as a tourist attraction or irrigation source. as of now mantayupan waterfalls is open for the public, supplies power for most of barili and cannals have been constructed for irrigation
sa harap lang ng mas mataas na waterfall ay mga roofed sheds that you can use. entrance fee is 10 php. there are no food stalls but they have grills where you can prepare your food.

*2:00 pm alegria, cebu
we went further down south later in the afternoon. i'd like to call this a courtesy stop. a municipal offical of alegria invited the organizer of this trip for a visit at a new mountain resort.

owned by a hongkong based british businessman, sun xi mountain resort sits on the high hills of alegria. a very peaceful retreat. the place was still constructing a few facilities on our visit but they already have a bar giving guests a warm welcome and they also have a mini-grocery. you can visit their site.

*5:00 pm moalboal, cebu
we'll be spending our night here. the aunt of one member of the group gave us accommodations for the night. much of the night was spent on videoke and a bath on a spring. the spring was quite strange. it was connected to a water source where the river and the sea meet. so the water was brackish and coooold!

i enjoyed the night that i forgot to take pics. tsk sayang.
*the whole morning of sunday moalboal, cebu
rain. heavy rain. we can't go out but the sound of rain was enough for me to drift into dreamland. ang ganda ganda ganda ng tulog ko.

oct 5
*afternoon of sunday basdako, moalboal, cebu
by this time i've lost the sense of time and forgot to take pics. ang tagal ko nang di nakakita ng probisya.

we stopped at one of the public beaches of moalboal. we had plans on diving into the open sea but was not able to. we could have played on the waters dividing cebu and negros island. naks.

*7:00 pm barili, cebu
we took off from the beach before dark and drove to our last stop - molave milk station.

only seen on the roadside is the food shop of the milk station but down the steep hillside is the farm a dairy farm supplies the raw ingredient. what's even better is the price. 10 php for one cone of smooth ice cream(which comes in chocolate and vanilla). i had 4 orders of smooth ice cream. hehehe.

hope i can do this again!


fairygodflower says: salamat kay elmer g. sa pag organize ng trip.

bitchywitch says: ...sa uulitin!

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