Sunday, April 29, 2007

books, weapons, bulges and heroes

the knowledge of literature is second to the knowledge of warfare for a warrior-princess like me. i read books and i love doing it under a tree with my sword and shield beside me. but lately i've been reluctant to shell out gold coins for a piece of bounded paper, so i was left no choice but to use one of the most violent weapon ever used in a war: the Internet (insert thunderclap)

a perfect weapon indeed. numerous things i did find. ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between, lo and behold one of the most amazing facts i've found:

identity/class: Robot
occupation: Bodyguard for Cesar
affiliations: Cezar, Celia
first appearance: Aliwan Komiks

history: Zarbot was created by a scientist named Celia to act as a sort of toy/bodyguard for her son, Cezar. Cezar had met with an unfortunate
accident which cost him his limbs. But they were replaced by bionic arms and legs (made adult size so that they won't have to be replaced when he grows up). Zarbot's body was made from the metal of an asteroid. Celia used her dead husband's brainwaves to program him, at first prompting some sort of romance between the two. But Zarbot's metal body was slowly evolving, and he became much more than a robot. In the course of the entire series, I think it is safe to say that Zarbot is the most, if not only, sexually-active robot in comics history. Virtually every female character who popped into the series had sexual relations with him. In the end, all nations of the world wanted a piece of him, so Zarbot agreed to mate with female representatives of each nation, thus spawning a whole new race of super-beings on Earth.

Created by Jim Fernandez and Hal Santiago.

bitchywitch says: aaaay! ang bulge mga ateh! BIGGIE!!! ang gandang gawing pelikula etoh. "Zarbot: Anakan Mo Akoh!" starring Jay Manalo as Zarbot...

fairygodflower says:...also starring Ai-ai de las Alas as Celia and directed by Binibining Joyce Bernal...ang zayah!

Great heroes need great sorrows and burdens, or half their greatness goes unnoticed.

-Peter S. Beagle

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Lyka Bergen said...

Dyoskoh... sa pangalan pa lang, kakalokah na sa aming mga Ilonggo. Zarbot? Sounds like 'Sabot'. Aaaay! Zori!

I would like to see Bruce Quebral to play Zarbot.

aries said...

wow, so honored to have one of the estrellas here. tenkyu tenkyu...

innocent ako sa meaning ng "sabot" before i posted this entry. i had to use my falcon to ask the question to a fellow warrior at an iloilo war camp. now i know.

Qtheconqueror said...

He looks like a Mickey Mouse- Silver Surfer hybrid >_<. Alam ko may isa pang Robot na may girlfriend, si Red Tornado (DC) but I doubt na may sex scenes sila ng GF niya tulad ni Zarbot. hahahaha. Ang saya talaga ng Old Tagalog Comics. May pinakolekta sa amin dati for Filipino, "Turistang Pinay" ng Liwayway.... sex scenes in almost every issue >_< hahaha. And they say na yung isip ng generation ngayon puro sex na lang :)) I added you rin sa list, ha. :D