Monday, April 30, 2007

pekchurs pers edesyown

i'd like to think of myself as a warrior armed with both the knowledge and weapons of warfare. always ready to take up any challenge at any time.

in a time not so long ago i challenged myself to acquire this weapon. after a few months, i had my hands on it. and so, equipped with such wonderful weapon i bring you my captives:

malacanan sa sugbo at night

cebu-srp sunset captured inside a moving van

sunset at the high hills of talibon, bohol

the blossoms of utot-utot

some greens just below our backyard faucet

statue of antonio pigafetta at fort san pedro, cebu city

at a hill in talibon, bohol with the silhouette of my brother: the squire

a view of an afternoon sky at talibon, bohol

blossom of baho-baho (genus lantana)

blossoms of cadena de amor

a cocoon at our frontyard

an experimental shot with fireflames

another experimental shot

bitchywitch says: magaling! magaling! magaling!!!... sa susunod stolen shot ng boys naman. alam ko your highness meron ka nun!

fairygodflower says: hindi pwedeng i-publish yon... censored!

princess aries says: pagpasensyahan nyo na yan. 2mp lang ang kaya ng weapon. yan lang ang afford ko.

in photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.
-Alfred Stieglitz

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