Saturday, April 28, 2007

an elder's legacy

the death of one clan member signifies mourning and sadness. rituals have to be done to send out the soul of the deceased to a better world.

several years ago my grand-elder died of a desease and as expected ceremonies were done. but one thing sets us apart from other clan, after mourning over our dead we celebrate. yes my comrades, we celebrate over laughter and food to remember the good things a man gave this harsh world. my grand-elder being a romantico-comedian, poetry resounded over the celebration and his sister(a grand-elder and romantico-comediene herself) started the brawl-of-wit:


tulo kami ka rosas,
ako ra ang minasitas.
dili ako paminyu-on,
kay ako baho ug bisong.


nagtanom ako ug kamote.
katay didto, katay diri.
nang-unod ug ingon ani. (points at breast)
niliki ug ingon ani. (points at groin)

*more laughter*

and other elders and warriors followed suit.

fairygodflower says: sana sa susunod medyo disente naman ang matigok.

bitchywitch says: your highness, ang vonggah ng lolah moh! palakpakan!

princess aries says: yes my dear servant. vonggah is the word. my grand-elders may be weak but their minds are as strong as the hardwoods of the mystic forest and as green as the moss on a rock.

because i have loved life, i shall have no sorrow to die.
-Amelia Josephine Burr (19 November 1878-15 June 1968)

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