Thursday, August 30, 2007

icon at war #10

awoo awoo awoo!!! time to gear up for battle girls and for that we need a very ample mode of transportation. we'll be using my fave chariot with a specific route. girls, brush your eyes with the jeepneys on...

route 13C

the route~
there are four routes plying for talamban to downtown(13C, 13B, 62C, 62B) but jeepneys marked 13C seem to populate the road more than the other jeepneys. these jeepneys would travel from tintay, talamban then would make their last stop by the end of colon street, downtown cebu. they will be passing along these landmarks:

1*talamban multipurpose court
2*university of san carlos-talamban campus
3*bright academy/playhouse
4*woodridge international school
5*banilad elementary and night highschool
6*cebu country club
7*banilad town center
8*gaisano countrymall
9*northgate center(mall)
10*university of cebu-banilad campus
11*the crossroads mall(restobars)
12*bureau of internal revenue-banilad office
13*grand majestic, archbishop avenue
14*ayala center cebu/cebu business park
15*asilo de la milagrosa (church)
16*camp sotero cabahug (police station)
17*colegio de la immaculada concepcion (cebu campus)
18*baranggay kamagayan
19*university of the visayas
20*cebu business hotel
21*gaisano metro colon (mall)
22*university of cebu - main campus
23*gaisano south mall
24*cebu city medical center
25*cebu city land transportation office
26*cebu city south bus terminal
27*elizabeth mall
28*asian college of techgnology-main campus
29*landbank of the philippines-p. del rosario office
30*santo rosario church
31*university of san carlos - main campus

after which, 13C will now go straight to m.j. cuenco ave. and pass through ayala access road and ayala business park(14). they will now travel back to tintay, talamban passing only the places listed in 14 to 1.

most 13C jeepneys are of the multicab type.

the legend~
the roads from ayala center cebu until talamban proper are practically "curve-less" and traffic is only heavy during day-time. motorists can burn their wheels and own the road at night but be sure youre not zooming with jeepney's marked with 13C as these guys are slightly bigger than average jeeps and they can also burn their own wheels on the road. they'd make that whistling noise like that of a plane.

and if you happen to ride 13C at night be sure to clip your hair, hold on to both the overhead handbar and to your seat and pray to all the saints that you know.

the pasahero(passenger)~
if you could take a second look at the list above, you'd see that most are academic institutions and malls. which means that a generous number of commuters are the young, the cute, the yummy and often times the funny.

the princess spent more than four years rubbing elbows with these commuters, more than four years of riding with the king of the road and more than four years cute, yummy and often times funny memories inside those 13C jeepneys. sadly the princess has transfered after finishing a course in an ancient training camp(named on the list above) and hasn't been taking that magical and adventure-filled 13C ride as often as she wants...*sniff*



fairygodflower says: ahay take note day, kung gabi kayo sasakay eh maghanda na ng barya na ipampukpuk sa handbar para marining ng driver kung gusto nyo nang bumaba...gudlak!

bitchywitch says: ay gudlak din sa mga estudyanteng naglalandi-an sa jeep...pweh!

God knows hudas not pay!
-famous jeepney sign

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ruff nurse-du-jour said...

@ARIES: gotcha! just kidding. the real photo will have to wait... for now.. =)

mwaaahhh too. (with tongue) just kidding.

thanks for the visit aries. =)

cant_u_read said...

sasakyan ko yan sa october!!!! :-) wahooooooooo!

Kiks said...

pag pumunta ako dyan, magsheshave ako, magpapa-dye ng dark blonde at magpapadermabrace (o braise? o braze? anoba?)

dito, ineng, wa. wang ganyang sasakyan. pero tumayo ka lang sa kanto, ogle to death day. para bang sasabihin mo ke miranda na mabuhay sya at ipinanganak ang venezuela. ching!

chase / chubz said...

taga talamban diay ka papa aries? hhehehe
anyway, you know what. when i visited manila. there were no jeep (canter) like that in manila.
i don't know all the jeeps there are chariots. just wondering.

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

oo nga papa chase :( walang ganyan sa manila. or meron nga ba? sa intramuros yata meron? ai naku ewan ko ba. hehehe =) pati ako naco-confuse.

Eutikya said...

hala.. ganahan kos inyong mga jeepney dira! dire man gud sa amo kay kagang-kagang ang mga trak... hinay kaayo modagan.. ingon pa nila kung lakagon daw kang lucifer.. maapsan jud daw ka! ganahan kos inyong mga jeep kay adventure! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe.. May effort tlaga ang pag gawa nito noh? ... Oi Papa Aries.. Thanks sa pag add sa friendster.. In-aprob ko na.. Hehehe

aries said...

rye, gudlak ahihihi

kiks, pasalubong ko ha

chase, taga talamban ko before. kron dili na...but i think mubalhin na sad ko this year and most likely sa talamban.

ruff, we have a company here in cebu who makes those multicab type jeepney

tikya, dali diri day. balhin dri hehe

daizuke, sureness...effort jud bitaw gamay hehehe

chase / chubz said...

ahhh mao bah. hehehehe..

Eutikya said...

hapit nako motugpa dira... hehehe.. gamay`ng panahon na lang akong gihuwat!