Tuesday, May 1, 2007

a war cry for a play

my servants have informed me about a comic scroll. i got a copy of the comic scrolls and it was vonggah!!! the news of the scrolls were heard everywhere and thus the reign of the story of a super heroine Zsazsa Zaturnnah!!!(echo effects)...

patrons of the arts were thrilled to have the scrolls performed on stage and so they did. but a very sad news was delivered to me. they were only to play it in the capital city. the play is on its 5th run now, i've heard, but its purpose of entertainment didn't reach any settlements or villages near my war camp. very sad indeed.

and so i shall shout my fiercest war cry evahh: DALHIN NYO YAN DITO SA CEBU!!! AKALA NYO WALANG BAKLA DITO??? AKALA NYO LANG WALA, PERO MERON, MERON MERON!!!!!!!

fairygodflower says: relax lang your highness. ang wrinkles...

bitchywitch says: eh kung tayo nlng kaya ang gagawa ng play na yan. i'd really like to do queen femina's part.

...yun lang.
-Ada (Zsazsa Zaturnnah)

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