Sunday, June 17, 2007

pekchurs terd edisyown

mactan shrine, lapu-lapu city philippines:

in his royal throne

mark of the beginning of spanish invasion

we know he killed magallanes, but who killed him?


hadsan island cove, mactan island, lapu-lapu city, philippines:

hidden pathway

"overlooking poverty"


bitchywitch says: parang nag effort talagah noh?

fairygodflower says: kinakarir mo na teh!

I thank fate for having made me born poor. Poverty taught me the true value of the gifts useful to life.
-Anatole France

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Lyka Bergen said...

I love bitchywitch's comment all the time. Kaloka!

rmacapobre said...

the best part of cebu is the fresh and affordable food.

aries said...

@lyka-ay tita lyka baka agawan mo sakin ha ipang-palit mo kay mora hehe

@rmacapobre-true! the club scene is also growing and bisaya music is very much alive and of course, marami din ditong lulurki teh!

rmacapobre said...

unsay lulurki?

aries said...

kuya, lalake na xa

gio said...

yadz, mai potential ka mag photog. hehehe

aries said...

@rmacapobre-friend, are in cebu? lexmark?

@schmuck-sure ka gio? hahaha

aries said...

@rmacapobre-friend, are u in cebu? lexmark?