Wednesday, June 6, 2007

queer icon at war #2

tatawa muna ako wahahahaha wahahahaha wahahahaha (repeat till fade). pasensya na rin dahil na delay ang post na ito.

i so miss the days when people wear those funny "costumes", wear really big hair and radios play our queer icon this week. my queer icon for this week is a song done by debbie gibson in the spring of 1989. friends, foes and fags... lend me your ears and bandwidth.


electric youth

"Electric Youth" is the second single from the Debbie Gibson album of the same name. Issued as a single, it became one of her most famous songs and just missed the top ten in both the U.S. (number eleven) and the UK (number fourteen). Gibson had written the song as a statement about how young people of that era were seen and how their ideas were often ignored. As a teenager herself, she was a firm believer that the beliefs and ideas held by young people were just as important as those held by adults and the song reminded people of this. It also reminded them that the current youth would become the next generation of adults.

masaya anoh?

bitchywitch says: nakakaiyak naman. nakakapag pa-alaala ng aking nakalipas...

fairygodflower says: nakakaindak naman ah!

"youth is energy. youth has nothing to do with's electric"
-Deborah Ann "Debbie" Gibson

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Lyka Bergen said...

Nasa-an na kaya ang Tita Debbie na toh? Baka na Electrocute na siguro!

aries said...

madam lyka, nabasa ko lang to sa wikipeda:

"In May 2007, the world premiere of "Electric Youth: The Musical" was unveiled at The Starlight Theatre in Orlando, FL. The musical features 14 of Deborah's most loved songs and will be directed by Dean Parker.

active pa rin daw xa...her latest song was with jordan knight and her songs are a fave among clubs daw. saya!