Sunday, June 24, 2007

queer icon at war #5

it's my honor to blog about a very respectable woman, no she's not lesbian but her works inspires the whole world to care for the sick and challenge the norm. she is my icon, she is...

Florence Nightingale

Order of Merit, Royal Red Cross (12 May 1820 – 13 August 1910), who came to be known as The Lady with the Lamp, was a pioneer of modern nursing and a noted statistician.

Florence Nightingale's lasting contribution has been her role in founding the modern nursing profession. She set a shining example for nurses everywhere of compassion, commitment to patient care, and diligent and thoughtful hospital administration.

the International Year of the Nurse will be this 2010 (the centennial of Nightingale's death) and the UN Decade for a Healthy World will be on 2011 to 2020 (the bicentennial of Nightingale's birth).


what makes her my queer icon is her dauntless move to deviate from the role expected by society from a woman. belonging to a well-off family, she volunteered to nurse the sick and war casualties - a job being frowned upon by society in her era. she even had the face to question and propose change to the old system of european medical care. now, the world know her as the mother of nursing and if i were a pope, i'd proclaim her as a saint.

to all you sisters and minorities out there, some people may frown upon us but we should not let our heads down and walk with the shame that they have labeled against us. be proud you are different. it is your unique identity that lives beyond your grave and it is the desire for change which makes civilization prosper unto the dreams made only on beauty peace!

*would also like to commend my brother tedji ,the squire, for receiving his badge yesterday. his badge bestows him the power to extend his hands-on medical and community service. he is now on his second year of learning under the wisdom and teachings of nightingale.


fairygodflower says: it is also nice to note that we are one of the good exporters of nurses. masaya, noh?...pwede tayong i-label as "the country with a lamp"

bitchywitch says: ay pasensya na teh, di ko talaga feel ang mga tao sa ospital. takot ako sa injection. iba ang gusto kong ma-inject sa akin...nyahahaha!

you ask me why I do not write something.... I think one's feelings waste themselves in words, they ought all to be distilled into actions and into actions which bring results.
-Florence Nightingale

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Anonymous said...

She is definitely a great role model for everyone - men, women and children.

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hello fruityoaty. i love ur blog. it's so...fruity! hehe

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