Monday, June 11, 2007

queer icon at war #3

when i was still the only child, i would spend my day looking at mom cleaning her drawer of toiletries and make-up. sometimes when she prepares herself for a night out, i would happily hop into their bed and look at her while she puts on her make-up.

at dahil maldita ako, i often creep into their room and play with her kikay kit.

step one. i saw her putting on something in her face but i couldn't identify it(i soon found out it was called foundation) so i settled for the blush-on. it looked bad on me. since i still had the baby skin, i looked like porcelain clown doll. nagmukha akong horror movie!

step two. this was a life changing moment. i took the stuff out from the drawer. pulled out the cover and rubbed it slowly on my lips... hangganda ko!!! and soon i would find myself playing that and only that when i sneak into their room playing with me, myself and my mom's...


magarbo ang mother ko sa mga make-up chorvah collection nya. kaya get one and pass ang eksena ko sa room nila. wahahaha.

but now, i've changed my choice of lip ornament. i left my fascination of lipsticks along with my childhood and decided to wear only lip balm and on special occasions, a thin layer of lip gloss.

bitchywitch says: ay akala ko vibrator yan! ampotahh!

fairygodflower says: ay bobo kang bakla ka! wla naman sigurong vibrator na ganyan kaliit!

Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.
-Gwyneth Paltrow

2 ang nakibaka (comments):

Lyka Bergen said...

Kalokah ang Bitchywitch! .... tanga nga lang!

aries said...

medyo ganyan nga talagah xa teh...

theory namin, nauntog ung pekpek nya nung baby pa xa wahehehe