Sunday, July 8, 2007

queer icon at war #7

the similarities of my early life and the life of this icon drove me to include her on my queer icon list. some of you may know her, but some of you may not. so let's know our queer icon this week...

alexandra "alex" mack

or alex mack of 'the secret world of alex mack' played by Larisa Oleynik which ran from 1994-1998.


The show focuses on a teenage girl, Alexandra "Alex" Mack, who becomes accidentally contaminated with an experimental chemical substance called GC-161. This results in certain powers, such as the ability to "zap" people and objects with an electrical charge, move objects by telekinesis, and change her shape into a silvery liquid. Throughout the series, the owners of the chemical plant which had been researching GC-161 continuously search for the local kid who was contaminated in order to conduct experiments, although their attempts are futile. Alex's best friend Ray, and eventually her sister, Annie, help her conceal the accident and her powers from her parents and others.

This is one of the few Nickelodeon shows to have something of a decisive conclusion. Nickelodeon rarely allows for series finales as they feel it makes it hard for them to rerun episodes indefinitely, and in any order they want, without confusing the viewer. As the storyline draws to a close, Alex's identity and powers are revealed to her enemies as well as her parents.
This prompts her father to offer her a cure; Alex reacts with mixed feelings, though she accepts the vial anyway. In the final scene, Annie indicates that she and everyone else believe Alex has already taken the cure, then walks away. The last shot shows Alex holding the full vial and smiling to herself, leaving it ambiguous as to whether or not she intended to take it.


as a kid until my teens, i would often see myself as alex mack who tries to conceal something from the rest of the world. everyday i would put all my efforts to blend in with the boys, do things expected from a young male and forced to be just... average.

but i've shed off the alex mack in me. what's wrong then if i wear clothes with elegance or love to crochet on my free time or hope to live with a man in the future? i'm still the same kid who climbed santol trees, ate wild berries and bathe in the rain... but a bit happier while blending in with everybody else, average or not.

*my brother and i got hooked up with this show. i think this was shown in philippines thru rpn.


fairygodflower says: ay ateh, meaning may hidden powers at talents ka pala?

bitchywitch says: ay mare di mo ba nakita?... nung college pa yan nagtransform sya into mariah carey tapos naging madonna! panalo ka 'nun 'teh... isa kang ngang transformer nyahaha!

it's that chemistry thing. it's so hard to explain. sometimes your heart tells you one thing, and your brain tells you something else, and it's usually better to trust your brain."
- Annie Mack, from episode"Chemistry"

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Qtheconqueror said...

Shet. I remember watching this as a kid, although I forgot the plot na. Hahaha. Aliw.

gio said...

forgot that I used to watch this show also. Is it weird if I think the Alex character was not straight?

aries said...

@q-pambata nga actually ang show

@palakangbisaya-hoy, straight female ung character boyish nga lang yun. babae yun. mujer. belatching ever

gio said...

aw, suri po. hehe straight but boyish lang pala. ok :)