Thursday, July 26, 2007

icon at war #8

notice that i took out the "queer" on my title. i think it's proper since most of these icons that formed me are not really queer.


i do not consider myself religious and i don't even know a lot of saints but there is one whom i look up to. she is...

santa maria

image: Mary, the Immaculate Conception (Principal Patroness of the Philippines)

hypocritical, you may say. posting such holy image into this blog with gay sexual content. well, rant all you can this is my blog anyway. taray hehe...

Birheng Maria or Virgin Mary carried in her womb our messiah, the son of god and a moslem prophet, jesus christ. she is a woman of faith and hope. her apparitions would always bring in converts and encourage more people to put an end to wars and sin, which is ironic to the theme of this blog. anyway, a lot of religious groups believe that she can intercede for us before our Lord. today, she is referred to as the mother of all nations.
Some Catholics in the late twentieth century urged Pope John Paul II to infallibly Co-Redemptrix, not meaning by this title that Mary herself redeems mankind, but that she cooperates with Jesus in His redemption of the world; as a co-pilot is not equal to the pilot of an airplane, so is the case with Jesus and His Mother as well as with any other Christian faithful who, by the Baptism, becomes member of the Mystical Body of Jesus and, as such, "co-redemptor". -
whatever they may call her, i only know her as my mother. i run to her on days when i need hope. i run to her on my days of jubilation. i run to her on my days of rest. it is in her that i can see a person who would not raise an eyebrow on how i'd strut myself. i haven't felt her disapprove of anyone that i'd want to befriend and i'd always feel her warm hands helping me up everytime i plant my face on the mud. the feeling of someone appreciating your every change and growth is always heavenly and i felt it from her. these little comforts are all i need to convince myself that i'm alive, not alone and somehow see her at the end of the tunnel when the time comes.

now let's praise her with a visayan song made just for her. should be sang after the holy rosary. this song makes me happy:

oh maria rayna sa pilipinas
panalipdi kami sa mga katalagman
agaka kami ngadto sa manluluwas

si kristo nga anak mo
ug ang among kagawasan

ug paminawa kining among pagpangaliyupo

nga gikan gayud sa kasing-kasing namo
agaka kami ngadto sa manluluwas
si kristo nga anak mo
ug ang among kagawasan
si kristo nga anak mo ug ang among kagawasan

little announcements
*the princess is not a member of any marian groups. just a fan
*pulong binisaya post will be ready in a few days


fairygodflower says: akala ko ba si xena ang hinahanap nating 'mother'?

bitchywitch says: ay loka, baka secret identity nya yan. parang sisigaw lang sya ng name tapos may transformication na mangyayari. davah...

If I were going to convert to any religion I would probably choose Catholicism because it at least has female saints and the Virgin Mary
Margaret Atwood

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Anonymous said...

Bakla, hindi kahipokirtahan 'yan noh! Pagpalain ka nawa. Malay natin, baka makagamot ka ng mga maysakit balang araw. CHOS!

cant_u_read said...

i am not religious either. but i found this post surprisingly interesting.

Kiks said...

Ikaw na ang susunod na Sister Stellar A! Kapag, napagod ka na sa pagiging warrior princess.

The Guy in Red Sneakers said...

you're too hard on yourself.
i love her, too.

i love her in her most grand icon (eng? grammar check, please?) --

Our Lady of The Star.

continue, continue.

Anonymous said...

God bless thy Aries!

aries said...

naks feeling ko tuloy ako na yun huling birhen sa lupa nyahaha

...hwalaaang himalaaaa!!!