Wednesday, July 11, 2007

pulong binisaya - the launching

my first bisaya post received the most comments among my blog entries so far. so thought it would be proper to launch a special name for it. gosh parang true. well here we go.

blogosphere, my royal court presents...

pulong binisaya(visayan word): a celebration of visayan language, culture and ethnicity

in these entries i and my servants will be posting translations of common words, presenting a little of visayan literature and who knows, we might also be featuring celebreties who are bisaya speakers. to start this battle, fairygodflower will lead the way...


oh hello there people of the world, mabuhay! or mabuhi! as we say it in bisaya. we will start from where we dropped our weapons last time. remember bitchywitch's little quiz? here are the answers:

(1)"taste me!" - tilawi ko
(2)"try me" - sulayi ko/suwayi ko
(3)"bitch"[not the female dog] - burikat
(4)"i like your pants" - ganahan ko sa imong pantalon
(5)"are you gay?" - bayot ka? / bayot ka ba? / bayot ka ba?
(6)"bisaya kong dako" - this phrase is the title of the last entry and it is already in bisaya. it literally translates into english as "im a big bisaya" but a proper translation would be "i'm a full blooded bisaya". i just placed it there because...well because...ummm...wala lang nyahahaha

the royal court would like to commend rye for translating one phrase, although you used bisaya gay swardspeak. but since i'm a good fairy, you have a point from us. and to harold, i think pupil is that part of the eye which we call kalimutaw. we would also like to thank empress maruja, dazedblu, q, schmuck and to anon(whoever you are) for the support. vonggah mong tanan!

also to pisanu, i assume you went to mindanao, right? most of them actually talk in mixed tagalog and bisaya. bisaya might be widely spoken but tagalog/filipino is understood by many. it is actually good that they taught you tagalog, so you can be understood around the country.

of course we should not forget mandaya moore-orlis who yelled it all out straight from the mountains. she translated it all correctly. actually we mentioned that the quiz is for non-visayan speakers, but i think no one might translate it and since i'm a really good fairy, mandaya shall be honored with a silky long black hair. yun lang! nyahahaha

observe my comrades the use of ko, kong, ka and imong(except for "bitch" hehe). all are derivatives of 'ako' and 'ikaw'.

  • ko or ako would mean me or i. example: 'i am aries' would be ako si aries(formal) or si aries ko(informal). another example: 'call me' would translate as tawagi(or tawaga) ko.
  • akong (short for ako nga)would mean i am ormy. example. 'my name is aries' would be aries akong pangalan(or ngalan) another example: nagbasa mo* sa akong blog is bisaya for 'you are reading my blog'. 'i'm walking drunk' would be naglakaw kong hubog.
  • ka is bisaya for 'you'. example: naa ka sa cebu is the bisaya for 'you are in cebu'.
  • imong(short for imo nga) would be 'your'(not you're). example: 'i enjoyed your blog' would translate as nalingaw ko sa imong blog.
  • *note that mo and ka both means 'you'. use ka when talking to an individual, use mo when referring to more than one person.

i hope we got it right. this is the fairygodflower for pulong binisaya...


thank you fairygodflower. there ladies, i hope you're enjoying this little battle that we've started. now for more duel, here's bitchywitch...


well, hello akong mga igsoon(my brothers / sisters). since it was us who gave you a few words to translate last time, we would like you to send(on comment 'ang nakibaka' section) english words for us to translate on the next pulong binisaya entry. mechanics are:

  • three english words plus three phrases/sentences per commenter/blogger.
  • profanities/dirty/green words are welcome but not encouraged

and a little disclaimer here, we are composing this article through our daily observations as we are native speakers of the visayan(cebuano) languange. kaya kung gusto niyong magcomment, magreact at maglandi samin, avah eh sige go lang ng go...basta libre hah???nyahaha


If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?

-Rabbi Hillel

10 ang nakibaka (comments):

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

this is a really good concept. i hope more people (bisaya or non-bisaya speaking) would be reading your blog.

long live!

english lagi to....

Frankie Calcana said...

Umaapaw na corrected by! My dad's a bisaya pero hindi pa niya kami dinadala sa Antique. At kahit wala akong alam na Bisayan word, bukod sa ambot, I'll keep on visiting this blog!

Link kita ha! Salamat!

gio said...

keep the words coming aries :)

Kiks said...

three words you said so i am a bit of violator, so here goes: (1) care o pakialam; (2) enraging o nakakapanggalaiti; (3) i hate you o mahulog ka sana sa kanal!

i find this blog very interesting and entertaining. tama ang desisyon kong mahalin ka. kailangan itong ipromote sa lahat, bakla o hindi, me karelasyong bisaya o wala, tao man o hinde.

aries said...
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Lyka Bergen said...

Ay ambot da ya ah! Di ako ka-sabot!

aries said...

-haaay ang saya may supporters na, zalamat ever!

-thanks kiks for the words.

-hello tita lyka...i think ekra and kelly speak the language.

-please do drop a few words that you'd want translated to bisaya guys. zalamat...

Anonymous said...

" and to harold, i think pupil is that part of the eye which we call kalimutaw."

aries, im super impress with your blog ha, dili jud ni bugal-bugal. "kalimutaw" is the sclera part of the eye, kanang puti sa mata pero mu-red pud na cya kung nabuntagan sa dalan o kaha gi-piskat ka. ang "pupil" kanang gitawag ug tawtaw sa mata, ang lu-ngag sa iris, ang iris pud mao nang itom nga circle sa ato mata. ang tawtaw sa mata, pwede mu-dako kung ngit-ngit, mugamay kung hayag, mao ni ila accomodative function. lecture si mam. bow! salamt sa pagbisita, padayon bisdak!

goodFUNk said...

Hi! I'm a fellow Visayan myself, born and somewhat raised in Tanke, Talisay. I came to the states at a very young age so I speak Visaya very poorly. I was wondering, how do you say "hope" in visayan? I know i could easily ask my dad, which i'll probably get an answer in a few hours, but he's asleep. Also, i wanted to give you props for this site. I find it interesting reading words in visayan. I hear it all the time at home, and in my feeble attempt, speak it myself... gamay lang. LOL, im not even sure if that's spelled correctly, but i think it's good practice. So yeah, kudos to the site, i think i'll be checking it more often just to read it in visaya. =)

aries said...

doc salamat sa info

hi goodfunk, i will post my next pulong binisaya entry asap. but it seems that ur in a hurry so here. hope = paglaum(pronounced: pagla-um)