Sunday, July 15, 2007

boy's dormitory diaries

may pagkaboring na ang blog ng lola nyo. para na ring di gay blog itetch. kaya etoh...
warning: the following entry contains gay content. do not proceed if such theme offends you.


way back college(2 yrs ago) my mom, being really strict, placed me inside one of the campus residential halls(a.k.a. boys dorm). since this will be the first time that i'd be far away from home, she had to make sure i'm living around people with discipline...well that's what she thought.

since it was a boys dorm, there were a lot of...boys. i had one issue with that dorm though, not one of the seniors seemed gay-friendly. i was discrete(and still am) but out with my high school friends but this was college dorm and i'll be meeting another set of people and not one of them were gay. i didn't talk much, no one dared to ask and everybody else were busy eating all our books and notes. i have to get a decent set of grades, we all have to. three consecutive failures would mean getting kicked-out from the dormitory. i would not want that to happen, not because of the boys, but because our residence hall was inside our school campus, i can have extra sources of notes and tips,we have tutorials plus it was located on a hill, hidden away from the rest of the school in lush vegetation so we had cool nights(no need for electric fans).

apparently, like my high school friends, i just found out that they already know. i don't know how but i didn't feel any fear or anything that would make me run back to my father's testicles. i was just like everybody else, like one of the boys. they don't mind if i was eating outside with them, they don't mind that i was all.

one more weirdness these dormitory had was its connection with friday the thirteenth. when the 13th day of the month falls on friday seniors had to plan a party of acceptance for the newbies. this means alcohol till midnight and lot of drunk half naked boys. freshies are made to run inside the two-story hall in their undies while seniors throw water at them. it was actually fun not only to me but also to the girls on the next hall. beer and gin would follow after that...*sigh* memories.

but even of i had a generous supply of boys(a few of them really were price trophies), i had to keep them away from my line of sight. i was cramming on my majors and my relationship with my mom was getting worse but one boy gave me my first "oral recitation". he was a year ahead of me(taking up engineering), we are of the same build, lean and fair. he was straight, but a combination of cold nights, raging hormones and the two of us being alone in our room was enough for him to allow me in his bed... a few times a month for the whole year. it would start as a massage then i'd go down...down...and down...he was my first. it was good. well endowed. clean and smooth fair skin. really nice butt(hehe)...and he was a good man both in and out of bed.

we only had that for a year. the next year that followed was our last and projects filled our extra time including weekends. being an angel i am to my parents, i had to put all my efforts on my majors. i don't want to see them disappointed, especially my father. so it did not happen again.

the boys are now working in different locations at present, including that boy. but every 13th day of the month that would fall on friday, we'd greet(sms or email) each other..."happy friday the thirteenth!!!"

last news i heard was that our boy's residence hall is to be converted into an all-girls hall.


fairygodflower says: akala nyo malas ang friday the 13th? think again... and to those of you who knows about the dorm... sshhhhhhhh!

bitchywitchy says: at akala nyo inosente ang prinsesa? malandi pa yan sa pusang gala... at yong 'boy' na yon, dakota fanning mga kafateed!!!champion!!!

Yeah, I spent about 20 years in a dorm room. It took me a while to graduate.
-Douglas Wilson

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gio said...

hoist aries! ladlaran na kaau ka ha :)) hehehe

cant_u_read said...

inggit ako!

Frankie Calcana said...

At least, kasiya-siyang alaala ang first oral recitation mo di ba?

Kiks said...

and the words in those "recitations" became flesh. and you swallowed.

did you?

aries said...

palakangbisaya - lets hope walay mkabasa ngataga dorm ani hehehe

rye - yan lang ang pinaka wild ko na experience...

kei - masaya sya in fairness mabait nman talaga si "boy"

kiks - most of them... masyadong marami eh nyahaha

...disenteng entry naman sa susunod

...hoy mag bigay na kaau ng words na gusto nyong ipa translate into bisaya para masaya sa susunod na bisaya entry ko. zalamat...

MANDAYA MOORE: Ang bayot sa bukid said...

haay, sa dorm ko noong college, orgy talaga ang nangyari.

Anonymous said...

Kalurka! Buti pa kayo nagkaroon ng chapter sa piling ng mga all-boys. Sa coed ako lumaki, ni wai nga aketch nalandi noong high school.

aries said...

tita manadaya, kung mangyayari yun di ko cguro kaya silang lahat nyahaha

kamahalang maruja, ur time will come...ching!...