Thursday, August 9, 2007

nag meme-ganda

*6 strange things of princess aries

our town legend tells us that my grandfather was born while a mother snake was nursing her hatching eggs in the same house. another version tells us that he was born with a twin - a snake. the phenomenon gave my grandfather and his descendants three unique abilities. (1) we can ward off snakes by simply talking to them or else we can leave them dizzy by spitting at the creature, (2) we are able to smell or feel the presence of snakes and (3) our saliva can heal snakebites and prevent the poison from spreading.

ive seen my father(on a cow) and aunt(on a man) apply their "healing" saliva.

this is a local folklore that i'm proudly part of, though i don't believe much of it. tsk tsk tsk...and to my future ex-husband: wala kang kawala. di ka pwedeng ahasin ng iba nyahaha!

i hate owning any precious stone or metal but i make it up by admiring tribal accents(borluluy). so, i don't own any metal necklace or bracelet, just a box-full of borluluys and i don't mind wearing them on formal occasions. if this is not strange enough for you, at least it is to my mother. image at right, taken today.

i can talk to myself in yahoo messenger. i find it amusing. you can also try it, just add your own yahoo id on your contact list and start chatting...with yourself. at left is a transcript of a conversation i had a few months ago. click image at left to enlarge.

in tradition of mentioning the pubes in meme's like this, let me mention one from me: i have a white one down there. just one strand. sa mga kaibigan kong nagbabasa ng blog ko, wag nyong i-mention to pag nagkita tayo. please.

my wounds would leave scars that disappear after a few months or if they don't, the scars would just be too light to be seen. but my pimple scars on my back tell a different story. my pimples leave my skin with scars that won't fade out. luckily, my face only have a few and most of them are on my back...a lot of them. they look like freckles.

ika-unom ug kina-ulahi-an(sixth and last)
i lived for two days without sleep and in between those days i took up two major exams and coordinated a dormitory event. and i did all that with the help of one box(six packs) of extra joss. *sigh* college days.

ow it's time to tag someone.
*jeff this is what i call a meme. make one like this and post it in your blog. try lang walay pugsanay hehe
*palakangbisaya, why not have one, too?
*hoy eutikya! kaw day dili ka ganahan magpost ug ingon ani?


fairygodflower says: di ka pala anak ni xena. anak ka pala ni zuma! nyahaha

bitchywitch says: at least this explains why-vakhet-nganong naglalaway ka kapag may "ahas"! ahaaay

school's a weird thing. i'm not sure it works.
-Johnny Depp

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... I dont get this 'pubes' stuff that U've mentioned sa ika-upat.. I have scars on my face and on my back as well.. I also got several scars on my knees and a prominent one on my left leg kasi I used to help my parents sa Paghagbas ng damuhan sa farm namin sa Bohol, we regularly clean the area where Mango seedlings are implanted... Doon nagsimula ang malagim na pagkasira ng legs ko and I got myself bitten by a medium-sized python...Grr!!

and BTW! Papa Aries, Meron ka din palang Papable hands… Pwde po bang hawakan!.. Hek hek hek!! :-D

Eutikya said...

lahi ra sad ta... nakatulog man ko anang extra joss langga... parehas sauna sa college pa ko.. inom ko ana aron daw di ko katulog.. ang ending nakatulog ko..maygani nakatuntong pa jud tawon kos passing.. ahaka ba sad!

chase / chubz said...

ako rin. my pimples are at my back.
magcoconsult pa nga ako ng derma.
pag may pera nah. Naa ka ana aries? pera? hahahaha

really wow, u have a white pube?
at hindi mo talaga kinuha?

wow, 2 days straight?
nakasulay nako ana. MAy 1 to pista sa bohol. 48 hours na nagsiga ang mata. usa ka gallon nga kape sa dunkin donuts ako g inom. diba 24 hrs. man sila open.
anyway, 2 days of hell trying to win back my ex in bohol.

Anonymous said...

Waaa... In the name of LAB Chase niadto jud kag Bohol! Hahays!!... Naa pud koy na uyab sa Bohol.. Hmm seems like halos tanan nato naka adto ng Bohol.... Papa Aries aha dpit inyo Bohol?..

chase / chubz said...

yup, in the name of LAB jud. hehehehe. Mga heartbreaker jud ning taga bohol
diba papa aries?
unsaon nalng ni sila oie

aries said...

daizuke, HHWW? hehehe my kingdom is in far away Talibon.

tikya, good for you day.

chase, i dont think so. wala pa ko na break na heart. wla pa ko na heart...ever hehe ahak ba sad nang imong gugma oi.

rhonzkie said...

haha.. katuwa ka ha.. ever chat sa sarili.. magawa nga.. lols..

chase / chubz said...

ahhh ganun bah..
gugmang giatay.. jud. hehehehe
makit-an ra lagi nah!

gio said...

hehehe cge ang sex este six things pd ko unya. :)

gio said...

and btw, why the first 2 only have pictures?? when it came to the pube thing wala na?? ha? ha?

:P hehehe