Thursday, August 23, 2007

pulong binisaya - the size of a word

haym vhaak! yey! nasindak lang ng sore throat at lagnat ang prinsesa. pero di yan ang ultimate reason ng silent mode ek-ek ng lola nyo kaya may rebelasyon na mangyayari. pero di pa ngayon ahihihi. matatandaan natin na nag-iwan ng promise si bitchywitch ng isang malaswang entry para sa ipamudmud sa lahat. ready na ba kayo?!... then, get your appetites ready, and your mouths wet.

bitchywitch says: leche, ang halay naman ng introduction! but anyway ladies, i'll go straight to our pulong binisaya. our topic today will be seriously green so let me just shout something...

our entry today contains words that may be disturbing to young or immature minds. read with caution.

oh hayan. may pademure effect pa akong sinali. now that my warning colors are displayed, let's begin. open your legs and look between it, you may touch it if you want. you should know what that is since we will be talking about that.

to a group of people with humongous sense of humor, joking with the genitals would usually hop in to most adult conversation. as a result, appropriate terms have been given to appropriate sizes. yes dear, we name them according to size. i will not include those figurative words that we also use. just the terms that would come up on regular daily adult conversations. are you itching to know? then read on... let's start with the males:

tin-tin (small e.g. babies)
otin/utin (medium e.g. teens)
lagay (large e.g. yours)

females do have their own term with the same trend of naming them:

giti' (small)
bisong (medium)
bilat (large)

so just imagine what would a visayan man think if he is asked by a tagalog lady with "kamusta na ba ang kalagayan mo dyan?" hehehehe and if your lost with which word is for which size, try saying the word and observe how big (or small) you'd open your mouth.

well that's it for now baka ma ban tayo ng mtrcb...charing


fairygodflower says: ahaay mala bombang sumabog ang entry mo day. gudlak sa mtrcb ahihihi

the function of muscle is to pull and not to push, except in the case of the genitals and the tongue.
-Leonardo da Vinci

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha!!!! Hilarious!!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how ds sore throat and lagnat of yours came into being noh? Hmmmm... Hmmmm.. Heehee

gio said...
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gio said...

STD yan sore throat ni aries. hahahaha Always wash before you eat lagi!!

Anyways, I think ang "lagay" kai itlog na sa lalaki.

naka limot ka ani sa mag lalaki.

pikoy og

og sa babayi

binday og


aries said...

*lagay refers to the genitals

*i think i will add pikoy

*ulok and luso vary in many regions, some refers to a certain part or to the whole genitals for some.

*the word buto has a lot of dispute among a lot of regions. some use it for the male other for the female.

*nag sore throat ako kasi nkalimutan kong mag toothbrush

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

hahaha. that was really interesting and informative.. and funny too.

kaw aries, anong lagay mo? =) hehehe (evil grin on face)..

@palakang bisaya, you think aries's got oral thrush? just thinking out loud. =)

chase / chubz said...

ka basa ani nga post oie!