Friday, August 3, 2007

thy brother's keeper

rewind: sunday; july 29, 2007 afternoon

my brother tj, the squire of nightingale, was itching to have me see his girlfriend since highschool. after several attempts to fit in my hectic royal celebrity schedule, he finally had the chance last sunday. told that he'd be coming after i attend mass.

on sms...

squire tj: manoy, naa na ka sa imong room? we're on our way.

princess aries: naa. ok.

after several minutes. knocks on door.
squire tj: hi manoy. si (name of lady)...(pulls a slim lady inside the room)

princess aries: ola! ohaiyou guzaimas!(delivered with a miss universe hand wave)

so there was a chitchat for around thirty minutes and tj escorted the lady out after that. he came back to me wearing that happy smile i'd want to see on my future child(who knows). then he asked me a question i find hard to answer.

squire tj: manoy was she ok? gwapa di ba?

princess aries: ay ambot nimo. ok ra man.

i would not dare answer the question. even if the lady was prim, proper and a fine example of a boholana. i just did not expect he would ask me that question. i didn't thought that i was being looked up as an authorized figure to tell if a girl was a good pair for him. i'm not good at that...for now. na shock lang ang lola nyo.

what i can tell is that he was happy that someone, other than my father, did not spoke ill to their relationship. from what he told me, there were rocks that they had to break and that they had to keep their amour locked up. one of those "rocks" were none other than a woman who calls herself our mother.

second rewind: tj's highschool years

mother knew about my brother's relationship and she had warned him to break their ties and just be friends. i didn't know if brother followed her but apparently it wasn't just a private warning. mother talked to his teachers after a campus event diplomatically requesting them to have his tisoy son watched, guarded and that she didn't want any girl around him.

brother was a top performer in class and he'd get invited for off-campus events. but after their relationship was made known to our mater dolorosa by the message of an unkown angel, he never got a signed parent's waiver and an approval to travel. she feared that 'girlfriend' would also get invited together with brother and 'something' might happen.

flash forward to present:

brother and his girlfriend are both in the city as of now. away from any parental eyes. so, the best of luck to them.

i still have another baby brother back home. someday i'd want to see us together ev moment. they are a few people who applauds my colors. they are two of the few boys i'den for a brief want to see walk away from me into another lady's caring hands...well not now but someday. as for me, i'm just happy to have these two boys...feeling mother ang bakla!

*brother is housed in an on-campus dorm in the city suburb, so we don't see each other much even if we're on the same city.


fairygodflower says: ano toh? drama galore?! sistah can you break that drama spell, please.

bitchywitch says: ay sis di ko kaya, parang i can't. i'm on my monthly period...penge naman ng napkin, yung may wings and anti-leak channels...

one can be a brother only in something. Where there is no tie that binds men, men are not united but merely lined up.
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery

6 ang nakibaka (comments):

Empress Maruja said...

Hindi naman masyadong intrusive ang Mujay noh?

Alam mo ba, sa lahat ng family members namin, ang Mujay ko na lang yata ang hindi tanggap na dingga kets.

Anonymous said...

Whew! Amards din etong sayo ah... Well so far mga bata prin naman yung mga bros ko.. Btw! I have 3 bros and im the Eldest!.. Kever lng ko

Kiks said...

Mothers. Mudra. Madear. Haaay, how I miss Nanay.

Me mga pakialamera talagang nanay. Merong mother nature na forever concocting storms on the lives of her children's wives.

Sa buhay nyo ata, imbes na Big Brother, Mother ang datetch!

cant_u_read said...

your brothers are lucky to have you as their eldest brother-slash-sister,

sibling na lang nga!

aries said...

wahahay di nman. swerte ko nga i have them.

heniway, civil nman kami ni mudra. happy family pa rin ang ending kahit pilit wehehe

chase / chubz said...

hala!!! taga bohol diay ka??
giatay!! heheh sori bad word.
ex nku taga diha. bad cheetah man toh.

anyway, ka nice gud sa imong mga siblings.
when i knew na nagbigah2x ako younger sister sa mga boys. happy and kilig ko. haayy salamat dili tomboy. hahahah