Wednesday, August 1, 2007

beauty and the balls

i have a hideout. i rest there and keep myself relaxed and beautiful. i'm breaking combat rules for disclosing that i have one but something happened recently. someone was there... playing with his balls...

...well good thing he still preserved the purpose of my hideout - keeping myself relaxed and beautiful.


fairygodflower says: ang taray ng costume. killer smile ka lang

bitchywitch says: asan na kaya sya?...hay why not tayong tatlo ang i-juggle nya, davah?!?!

and what are you gonna be doing with your balls today?
-Amanda Holden on Jameil

4 ang nakibaka (comments):

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hi Aries. Did you know that YouTube is banned in Thailand? We are still waiting for it becasue the government say they will lift is soon. You're lucky.

Kiks said...

hideaway ba talaga, princesa? kung yang 23yr old MAN ang hideaway mo, stories on "juggling" would be something i'd look forward from you!

gio said...

@Pisanu for BISEAN
online proxies are your friends.
goto and you'll be able to load ANY blocked site.

The man knows how to play with his balls eh?

aries said...

hi pisanu, when will the ban be lifted?

hello kiks, ang kinky naman ata ng blog kung dagdagan ko pang ng storyang ganun nyahahaha pero why not, davah?

palaka, salamat jud and yes i enjoyed him playing with his balls. haapy birthday to you again...ever hehehehe