Monday, May 21, 2007

burning the sun in bantayan

a small battle was waged by a band of warriors which included me. i will document our fight for the benefit of the future warriors who will take the same warpath as ours. the path was long and hard(kinky noh hehe) but in the end it was heaven(even kinkier wahaha). so let our battle be written:

"burning the sun in bantayan"

kota beach, santa fe, bantyan island, cebu

aries the warrior princessprincess
nina of disneyland
lady stephanie the belle of persia
lady val of tribu maradjao karadjao
first princess celeste of tribu waray
second princess cathy of tribu waray
first princess kaye of the seven sands of dubai
second princess kyla of the seven sands of dubai

call time:
0430 hours

cebu north bus terminal

I. advancing to the island

our troop just made it to the 5 am aircon bus. lady stephanie and lady val nearly missed the trip, they had to jump on a moving bus(parang action starlets ang dalawa). give or take three hours our bus dropped us at the hagnaya port. just a few minutes after that were on our way to bantayan island via fastcraft. it took us more than 30 minutes to have our feet on the sands of bantayan. good thing we have our free transfers.

II. setting camp

our room was one the last non-aircon room of the resort since they were all fully booked(summer kaya) but it was a good room(3 out of 5 ganda points) and at a good price. even better was their beach front. unspoiled white sand without the flocks of people and their bare skin plus a natural occurring sand bar.

*beach front at kota beach, santa fe, bantayan

*clear blue waters awaits

*the sand bar

III. hitting two missions with one blow

discussions at camp on how to accomplish two missions for the day began after we took our rests. mission one was island hopping and the second was snorkeling. strategy suggestions were:

-send an advance party to a nearby resort, haggle for the prices, and do it at three in the afternoon
-ask for arrangements from local residents and do it at three in the afternoon

by lunch, the troop decided on the second option. it was cheaper, it even included both island hopping and snorkeling and we were on our boat ride at two pm, on hour earlier than scheduled.

our boat landed on the white sands of the island which they call: "virgin island", since it was undeveloped. we swam, sun bathed, had our girl talk and marvel on the beauty of the island. after two hours on the beach, we set our sails for snorkeling. a sanctuary just nearby shall be our battle ground and it was a magical battle for us. my companions did not even noticed that i have a fear of deep water(well except for stephanie hehe). the battle went on most of us were awed but some of us were injured from jellyfish stings(talk about casualties of war) but we were actually rewarded by mother nature by letting us see a swordfish jumping out of the water(read: swordfish na feeling dolphin)

*white sand beach at virgin island, santa fe bantayan

IV. dim dinner

the afternoon battle was fun but our bodies were sore and most of us had to sleep until past eight pm. that was the time when we realized that our resort is having a brown out. thinking the whole island was out of power we decided to dine inside the camp. we placed our orders at 8:30 and had it delivered on our table after an hour. the power outage really slowed everything down and enchanted everyone to sleep. but did not want to cap the night off just like that. so armed with jose ceurvo, i called on princess nina and lady staphanie(who were the only ones awake), went to the beach and had a night of tequila, profoundness, laughter, beauty and friendship(ang taray).

then the next day we found out that it was only our resort and the next reasort that had no power(peste). the beach and back

my stomach nearly bled since i woke up late with only tequila on my stomach(thank you nina for the antacid). still, we spent the rest of the morning on the sand bar and more picture taking. but something unexpected silenced my noise. a group or alpha males were also enjoying the beach near us and one of then was...umm...(deep breathe)he was cute. then princess cathy turned to one of them and said..."amigo, pwede magpa picture?". i literally swam at the back of my companions and then giggled like torpe(*sigh the little girl in me). i was not even able to say my thanks after he took our picture. i really had to practice flirting even more.

several minutes after ten in the morning we washed off and pack. there was a lot more places to go, activities to do, food to eat(and guys to hit on hehe) but so little time and it was time to leave.

VI. status report

only "dining out at night" was considered a failed mission but all others were complete and successful, the cost and casualties were negligible, we had more fun than expected and all warriors went back safe and smiling at est. 1700 hours.

i, aries the warrior princess, swear to the most high that this document is true and authentic.

fairygodflower says: kelangan mabasa to ni ace durano. miss tourism ka na talagah

bitchywitch says: kelangan mabasa to ng cute na guy na pinakuha nyo ng pic!

It's the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.
-Marlene Dietrich(December 27, 1901 – May 6, 1992)

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Anonymous said...

Nice!Great words from d torpe ate! hehehehehe...
sayang,weren't stung by the jelly fish...hehehe... i envy your bantayan escapade... i wish i went their for the summer now that summer is gone and the rainy days have come....
d na mag torpe2 ate ha... if u dont like me to thnk that your a guy... 99.9% laki. hahaha ipa gawas imong pagkabigaon. hahaha

Anonymous said...

atay, wrong use of "there" and "their"...
erratum: there

aries said...

frans, sigurista na lagi ka sa grammar hahaha. nag attend nko ug crash course on flirting 101.