Tuesday, May 15, 2007

portrait of a warrior as a gay criminal

since a mother knows best(daw). i can't help it but to have a hunch that i do(or might) look like a criminal fresh from the prison(see prev post). my reason for wearing this hair is the summer heat and i didn't really care how it would look on me(praktikal lang talagah evur). so i'd like to ask for your help and queer opinion if i really look like what my mama thinks i look like. (tongue twister noh?)

*a day after the haircut

*a day after the flying banana incident

leave ur opinion on the 'comment' section of this entry. salamat.

fairygodflower says: ang dakilang pamintang durog. bow.

bitchywitch says: baka akala mong sabihin naming kamukha mo si scofield. nagkakamali ka prinsesa. ambisyosa!

The color of somebody's skin or the way he wears his hair or clothes has nothing to do with anything.
-Judge Mills Bee Lane III

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Anonymous said...

cant see ur pics :)

michael scofield? boy abunda?