Saturday, May 26, 2007

knight and shining armour #1

heto na mga bakla. ihanda ang mga laway at mag ipon na ng kilig. this week, my knight is actually a warrior in the world of anime and he is...

pasensya na mga kafatid, hanggang drawing lang ang fafa ko ngayon. my siblings and i were immediately hooked up with fushigi yuugi on its first run. for my brothers, it was the story but for me, it was tamahome. he's the typical tall-dark-handsome but a little rough on the edges and the kind of man who sticks to one woman.


Tamahome (鬼宿) is a character in the anime and manga series Fushigi Yūgi. First portrayed as greedy and only seems to want to help out when he is paid. Of course later on in the series it is revealed that he only acts greedy for a special cause. He later fell in love with Miaka after she confessed her love to him and was struck ill. He cares for all the Suzaku-seishi and is deeply wounded when some of them die. In the OVA Season 1 3rd episode, he is reborn in Miaka's world as Taka.

Real Name: Sō Kishuku ~ Xong Guǐ-xiù (琮 鬼宿) Everyone knows him as Tamahome.

AKA: Taka Sukunami (宿南 魏), Obake-chan (Little Ghost) Character: "Demon", located on his forehead

Constellation: Cancer

Date Of Birth: 28 June

Age: 17

Height: 1.80m (about 5 feet, 11 inches)

Bloodtype: O

Birthplace: Hakko Village, Juso prefecture in Konan Empire ~ Bai-Jiang Village, Shou-Shuang Prefecture, Hong-Nan

Weapons: Fists, street fighting, nunchaaku (when he sided with Seiryu)

Family: Father (Kyuen), mother (Yuugetsu - died when he was 12), 2 younger brothers(Chuei/Zhong-rong (12) and Shunkei/Chun-jing (7)), and 2 younger sisters (Gyokuran/Yu-lun (9) and Yuiren/Jie-lian (5))

Hobbies: Making money

Abilities: Martial arts in general, he has the ability to channel his ki into energy blast's and when emotionally motivated he can sometimes use his ki to increase his strength, speed and reflexes in combat

Personality: On the outside he is very chipper, and that leads to some comic expressions. But he is tough on the inside (so he thinks). On the other hand, he is very shy. (He had to become stoic for his family's sake.) That is why he was hard on Miaka at first. He sacrifices himself for the sake of others, and won't back down against an enemy. He is in love with Miaka. Voices: Hikaru Midorikawa (Japanese), David Hayter (English), Lloyd Navera (Tagalog).


fairygodflower says: short xa yung tipong lalakeng di pumapatol ng bakla! charing!

bitchywitch says: japanese ba xa? bka japanese din size ng kanya ha?

she who waits for her knight must remember - she will have to clean up after his horse

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Anonymous said...

Naman! Siya lang ang rason kung bakit ako naadik dati sa Fushigi Yuugi.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Tamahome! Haha!!

Kakapanood ko lang nung DVD nyan bumili kasi ako galing sa Quiapo! I love him!


Anonymous said...

I agree that he was totally cool and a hadxome person. I just wish that someday I can see a person just like him. I was also addicted to this movie since my causin show me her collection of anime (including Fushigi Yuugi). I really had a great time watching this one. I finsh watching all the episode of 2 days. But still then I felt that there is something lacking about the movie that I have seen last year.
This is one of my favorate anime movie since I started to watch this. And the star for me in this anime movie is no other than TAMAHOME.

Anonymous said...

Well written article.