Thursday, May 3, 2007

fairygodflower hearts rocky

in my previous entries, it has been evident that one of my servants is falling for rocky collado of the bloomfields the musical warriors, while the other one is just lusting on him. in this entry i shall give space to one of my servant to yell her heart out.

fairygodflower says: magandang araw po sa inyong lahat at salamat your highness for the space.
to all the creatures, domestic and wild, i am the fairy of the earth and it is in my nature to admire music in any form that this magical world creates. a few days ago, i laid my eyes on the most impressive musical warriors since ever. to complicate things even more, one of them swept my fairy heart away. ..rocky sinasamba kitah, ang galing, galing, galing, galing moooooh... and so to you rocky i just want to say... pare, ang cute mo talaga, pakiss nman dyan!

bitchywitch says: ang landi mo day! bakla ka nga talagah...

princess aries says: pabayaan mo na yan iha. once in a blue moon lang ganyan yan.

photocredits: rocky's friendster page

Music is my first love.
-Mandy Moore

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