Wednesday, May 9, 2007

with great shame, i admit

i was raised up in an island settlement called bohol... at masaya dun. pramis. but there is one thing that held me back from appreciating my childhood. the elders who brought me up were very cautious, too cautious. the princess was never allowed to go out on any travel. the princess was never allowed to see this group of people. the princess was only allowed to do this and that. it was not a bad, though, but it was not also good.
that was the past. now i suffer the consequences and with great shame, i shout and admit...

di pa ako nakakita ng Tarsier!!!
di pa ako nakapuntang Chocolate Hills!!!
di ako marunong magsalita ng pa-Bakla!!!

fairygodflower says: wawa ka naman, prinsesa...

bitchywitch says: buti pa aketch, sight ko always mga tarsiers every night.

fairygodflower says: gaga, hindi kaya tarsier yon. nota yon, bakla!

The hardest part was admitting that I'd let myself go way farther than I wanted to.
-Willie Aames

4 ang nakibaka (comments):

Anonymous said...

mmmm. dayuhan sa sariling bayan. start moving ur feet and explore ur world.

Anonymous said...

Naman, Mare! Come out and smell the sampaguitas!

joelmcvie said...

Aries, naku! My parents are both Boholanos, but I was born and raised in Manila na. Still I have a picture of a tarsier on my shoulder, and I've been to the Chocolate Hills every year since 2000. This December uuwi na naman kami for Christmas/New Year. Kita-kits tayo doon! :-)

aries said...

nakakahiya talaga mga friends. really have to crawl out of my den hehehe

@gayngame- moving na at salamat sa dalaw ;-)

@empress maruja- honored to have u visit my blog, salamat.

@joelmcvie- cge bah. mag ihaw tayo ng tarsier with calamay dip at kainin natin sa loboc river. ang gandah!