Saturday, May 26, 2007

i'll be write back, pramis

the war camp has been very busy lately. we are having preparations for a battle which is expected to last for two months and every week we'll be facing different batch of adversaries. i am expected to be at the front line since i'm still a novice warrior so the preparations will be eating my extra time and cutting off my blogging hours. but i won't let that halt my attention to my blog. so to obliged me to have entries on my blog every week, i shall declare my oath and promise to write themed entries. my promise includes two themes:

[1] queer icon at war: these entries shall be about my influences. people, places, cultures, objects and everything that molded my queer self into who i am now.

[2] knight and shining armour: will be about men who forced the high school girl out of the queer me.

hope you'd enjoy these posts. now, i have to head back to my tent and braid my silk, long, black hair.

fairygodflower says: may the force be with you, your highness. charing paran yoda...

bitchywitch says: patayan to the highest level na itu!!!

We make war that we may live in peace.

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